2011 Inventions

Peapod, Electric carThe First Wireless Electric Car Charger System

IPT (Induction Power Transfer) is the world’s first commercially-available wireless electric car charging system.  The company’s unique charging system has been described as the safest, most efficient and most effective way to transfer power without wires.

The idea of the system is by using  magnetic induction. The Inductive Power Transfer system allows a car provided with an integrated receiver pad to be charged automatically when parked or driven on electrified roads.
The IPT is designed to be compatible with all vehicles and it has been designed to function under any weather conditions.

Green Plug Efficient Power Supply

The Green Power Processor is a chip designed for digital power supplies, which are meant to be more efficient than existing analog power adapters.
When built into a power supply, the processor can detect how much voltage and power the device needs. That allows electronics to use less energy overall than analog power supplies.
The company’s technology also allows for a single power adapter to serve multiple devices, which would more convenient to consumers, according to the company.

Mask Massages Migraine Away

The Magical device can help you get rid of several annoyers  at the same time. It makes your migraine pain disappear,  as well as headache tensions, eye strain, sinus pressure, blurred or double vision and dry eyes. The device fits over the eyes and massages the surrounding tissue.
The idea of the mask depends on filtering out the light by the dark lenses, while the poly magnetic feelers massage the area around the eyes, that allow the blood flow to increase. The device has a variety of nine massaging modes and two intensities.

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