A Growing Solar Light Tree By Omar Huerta

The Milan designer Omar Huerta  has reached a very useful and unique invention that is solar powered light trees which is not like all solar powered street lights, as the new invention can  grow actual plants on their branches.

The tree uses LEDs at the base of the tree that are powered entirely by the sun and light up green when the sun goes down, the trees can be removed and transplanted in another place.

But what make Omar Huerta trees really unique is that the trees can really grow up real plants on their branches,  using a hydroponic system that pulls water up the trunk just like a real tree.

3 thoughts on “A Growing Solar Light Tree By Omar Huerta”

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  2. I think it’s nice and all but again we’re stealing so much damn solar energy that it’s going to come back n bite us in they ass lol or at least that’s how I feel


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