A New Stem Cell Bandage For Teared Mensiscus

Athletes and children are the most exposed people to injure their meniscus due to their activeness. Teared  meniscus could be a problem if the tear is large, in such cases there must be a surgical interference and in some cases might need a whole removal of the meniscus and placed by artificial one.

The University of Bristol company, Azellon’s company has reached a new type of stem cell seeded bandage that if approved in the clinical trials could lessen the need of changing

the meniscus, by taking a small part of the bone marrow using a needle from the hip and seed it in a special membrane in the lab. Then insert it  into the tear of  the damaged joint, and the cartilage is sewn up around it to hold it in place. The stem cells will proceed to become cartilage cells, and speed the regrowth of  the  meniscus. The trial is designed primarily to test the safety profile of Azellon’s cell bandage in ten meniscal tear patients, but some information on whether or not it works will also be obtained. The bandage, containing the patient’s own stem cells will be implanted in a simple surgical procedure using a specially designed instrument that helps to deliver the cells into the injured site as a first-line treatment in place of removal of the meniscus. Patients will be closely monitored for safety over a five-year follow-up period.

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