A New Technique That Would Replace Petri Dish

In the image you can see the usual Petri dish, the Petri dish is named after the German bacteriologist, Jules Richard Petri whom invented it. The Petri dish can be made out of glass which can be sterilized and used again, or can be made in a disposable form made from plastic.
The Petri dish is used to produce microbial organisms using certain media, for microbiology studies. It is also used for cell culture, the cell culture is making cells produce either those cells are animal cells, plant cells, fungi, or even microbes.

The researchers of the Fraunhofer Institute for Surface Engineering and Thin Films IST in Braunschwieig, Germany. may be putting the end of Petri dish. The team led by Dr. Michael Thomas reached to a technique that will turn plasma plastic bags into sterile cheap bio containers.

The new technique is done by filling the bags with a certain gas mixture, after sealing the plastic bags subject them to a high electric field so plasma is created.

The new technique can help in cultivating cells from a patient, in order to be used again for the same patient. Physicians are increasingly using live cells in their treatments: in blood transfusions and bone marrow transplants, as well as in stem cell therapies and following severe burns. Cells taken from the patients themselves are ideal for replacing burned skin, eliminating immune deficiencies, repairing degenerated cartilage or to treat injured bones as they are not rejected by the immune system. These cells have to be kept, cultivated, reproduced or even modified in a patient-specific manner. The problem, however, lies in the storability of the cell solutions used. As they can easily become infected by germs, they can only be stored for a few days in the containers conventionally used today.

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