A Plane unlike Any Other

Solar Impulse is an innovative solar plane on a big mission. It is currently in the hindmost stages of completing a world-record round trip journey to Switzerland and Morocco. Solar Impulse has already landed in Madrid thereby sucessfully mastering the return flight of its first trans-Mediterranean round-trip between Spain and Morocco.

The Mission of a Lifetime

Altran’s aggregation of worldclass experts have attended the Solar Impulse endeavor in its impressive goal to encourage the enormous possibilities of renewable, eco-friendly energy solutions. Partnered Altran and Solar Impulse have teamed together to take on this challenge head on and allow this ideal into reality. Their consultants have pooled their knowledge and expertise in an attempt to best serve this technologic mission. It is of little surprise that thus far each mission that has been completed and all that are currently set for 2012 bring to light different challenges.

Cutting-Edge Experts

Altran and Solar Impulse have been dedicated to this project for several years. Altran demonstrates its commitment to this goal; this is evident since they have gone as far as contributing with critical support designed to best utilize project organization, apportioning tasks, compile important formulations and documentaion as well as to ascertain and aggrandize the plane’s electrical system. Located in Payerne, Switzerland is the Mission Control Centre (MCC). MCC also houses two brilliant experts partly responsible for the many achievements of this endeavor, Christophe Beesau and Stephane Yong. Brilliantly Christophe and Stephane have created a mission simulator that enumerates the many different potential flight paths at specific intervals. Throughout the flight, Christophe and Stephane’s wisdom has been summoned time and time again to best support and maintain that the organization is prepared for all possibilities and to assist in determining options of flight path based on numerous differenent complex and ever-changing criteria such as changing weather conditions, air-traffic contorl issues, energy management and pilot concerns.

About Solar Impulse

Solar Impulse HB-SIA is the first airplane of its kind, though like the solar golf cart charger before it, will hopefully go mainstream. This plane features cutting edge technology which allows it to fly both day and night on solar power alone. Furthermore, this revolutionary plane never produces dangerous carbon emissions. The very premise of Solar Impulse is a testament to the hidden possiblities that new technoloiges can offer; specifically in this case in the areas of energy savings, renewable energy production and climate change. After seven hard years of intense work, it appears real headway is coming our way. With a team an impressive team of individuals and partners, this revolutionary plane has come into existence. The Solar Impulse HB-SIA is a carbon fiber airplane featuring a wingspan of a whopping 63.4m and a weighing roughly the same as the average American family car. Solar Impulse thus far has demonstrated that a solar-powered airplane can fly day and night using no fuel. The latest challenge is to fly around the world successfully. Solar Impulse’s attitude is simple, “Progress is Possible”. The Solar Impulse project is supported by numerous sponsers, partners and individuals.

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