Air Freight – One of the Most Important Innovations of the last Century

Global trading has been a part of human life since people began to travel across continents and oceans but in the last century it became even more integral in terms of the world economy.

The invention of the aeroplane was a major turning point for man’s development and as soon as commercial planes were flying the potential for trade utilising air freight was realised.

Since the 1930’s people have been transporting goods overseas using aeroplanes and today the air freight industry is worth billions of dollars.

In the past there were certain types of goods that could not be transported by air. In addition, aeroplanes were not spacious enough to transport large volumes of goods.

Today air freight technology is extremely advanced meaning that many types of goods are able to be transported quickly and efficiently.

In fact you would be amazed by exactly how many different types of goods can be transported by air. Some of the more unusual products that can be transported on cargo planes include fauna, livestock, drugs, military equipment, explosives, medical supplies and food products.

Today, many business owners who want to trade overseas are choosing to transport their goods by air rather than using cargo ships. This is due to a number of factors which include cost, efficiency and other more modern phenomena such as the prevalence of piracy on the open seas.

In the modern business world speed is of the essence and the faster products can be transported the faster they can be sold. That’s just one of the reasons why air freight is becoming more and more popular.

Any savvy businessman should have full control over their goods. When products travel by air the technology is now available for business owners to monitor the entire journey of their goods from the very start to the very end of their journey.

This helps to reassure business owners that their cargo is safe, secure and that the journey of their goods is going to plan.

It’s hard to imagine what the world would be like without so many of the products we take for granted but without air freight products like tropical fruit, silks, certain types of electrical items and even certain types of cars the world we know would be a very different place.

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