An Egyptian Scientist in Germany invented materials given human a Particular Energy

In the year of 2010, Dr. Ahmed Salam, Egyptian-born researcher who lives in Müntzer City, West Germany, obtained an international patent for the manufacture of materials that could be granted rights more strength and energy for human being.
He is preparing to establish a company to produce these materials in the Müntzer City during the current year which was granted to him by the German Federal Ministry of Economics.The idea of Dr. Salam is based on two Amino Acids, which are the Acid Arginine and the Acid Ospargen which represent an important part of an infinite number of materials for food supplements favored by many athletes. Dr Salam pointed to the increasing demand for these materials.

Dr. Salam is a 33 years old Egyptian biologist, who spend his spare time in studying the laws of the market.
According to Dr. Salam, the study estimates that the market for Amino Acids in Europe alone has around one billion euros at least, which confirms the correctness of his idea.

The final products which entered into the Arginine and the Ospargen are active substances, animal food and pharmaceutical drugs.

Dr Salam’s Amino Acids has more characteristics rather than the ones already in the market; Due that It represents a separate Amino compound known as “Debptid.” Dr. Salam concluded a the two acids from a stored material in Cyanobacteria, known widely as the Blue Algae.

The Researchers are making studies since 1995, headed by Professor Alexander Steinbushl at the Institute of accurate Molecular Biology, city of Munster, on the material which stores those two acids which called Cyanopheceen.

However, no one really cared or paid attention to those Amino Acides Ospargen and Arginine, as Dr. Salam did ( Dr. Salam is a member of a team researchers under the supervision of Professor Steinbushl).

Dr. Salam confirmed that the proportions of the body’s absorption of a compound Debptid is much more to absorb the Acid and the free features of this compound is that the body can more quickly get rid of the consequences of this compound and it makes muscles consist more effective.

Dr. Salam hopes that this compound to contribute in increasing the activity of the immune system in the treatment of circulatory diseases and heart diseases.

Because of that and in order To extract the compound from nature which is really a very hard job and needs great efforts, Dr. salam has developed special techniques to make this compound produced commercially. He is expecting to be able to initially produce up to 250 kg by using this technology which is a huge amount, especially if we know that per unit of Aldepptid too small to see with a normal microscope. He also indicated that the market value for each kilogram of this compound is three thousand euros.

The universities desire that the researchers adopt the idea of Dr. Salam, which is the idea of linking trade and perception of scientific research. Some Universities established Centers and Private Companies to help marketing innovations researchers. But Dr. Salam has decided not to follow the usual routines which force him to apply an application after another for marketing his production.

However, be careful regarding the publication of scientific studies. According to Mrs. Katrina Krueger of University Center Monster for scientific innovations that the publication of these studies often detrimental to the scientific and patent registration and that the patents registry is a guarantee for the scientific researchers and universities to ensure their scientific innovations that must be concealed to be registered with the patent.

The period of silence can last for a long time. Dr. Salam had to wait a full three years before becoming able to announce its creation and willingness in establishing a company for the production of these materials. He said with full confidence that he is sure and certain of the success of the idea of establishing a company for the production of these materials and there should be the availability of several conditions for success which are the determination and the ability to sustain and support the well experienced colleagues.”

Do you know that the Arginine Acid is one of the twenty amino acids that make up proteins.
And that the Ospargen Acid is one of the twenty amino acids that make up proteins as well.

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