An Integrated Approach In Science And Technology For A Sustainable Future

A two-day national conference on an integrated approach to science and technology for a sustainable future began here on Sunday, an official said. As recently announced by Union State Science and Technology Minister Jitendra Singh, the theme for this year’s National Science Day will be “An integrated approach to science and technology for a sustainable future”. The Ministry of Science and Technology, acting as the nodal agency, supports, facilitates and coordinates this year’s National Science Day celebrations in scientific institutions, research laboratories and autonomous scientific institutions under the Ministry of Science and Technology across India. DST has organised many programmes in the Government of India with the National Council for Science and Technology Communications (NCSTC) and continues to support various activities such as organising conferences, quizzes, open days etc. and sectors by providing grants to its National Council for Science and Technology.

The Nation commemorates the day with science communication themed events held in schools, colleges, universities and other scientific, engineering, medical and research organizations across India. On this day, students from schools and colleges present their scientific projects, and national scientific institutions present their latest research results.

The statement released by India’s Ministry of Science and Technology clearly mentions that the celebration of National Science Day or any other important science day should not be limited to one day, but should mean synergy of all ministries and scientific departments to work together. on a thematic approach with the integration of technical, engineering and medical institutions and, ultimately, integration with industries for sustainable development. In a statement released by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Minister of the Union said that the theme of the NRM was chosen with the aim of bringing the scientific issues involved to the attention of the public, and added that the celebration of important scientific days should not remain a one-day event and you need to rely on it regularly.

This year’s theme was chosen to increase public acceptance of science-related issues and the impact of science on education, skills and work. The spirit of this integrated approach to solving problems in science and technology is part of the theme chosen for National Science Day 2022. Supporting the spirit of National Science Day by working with an integrated approach to support livelihoods, human life and the country is expected to become a leader in science.

The Union Minister of Science and Technology, Dr. Jitendra Singh, introduced the theme this year and emphasized that a four-pronged integrated approach to science and technology for a sustainable future will help us move away from our culture of working in bunkers, as proposed by the Prime Minister. leading role on the world stage. Quoting Dr. Jitendra Singh, the statement said that now is the right time to kick-start this integrative approach as all ministries and departments come together to work for humanity’s survival during the pandemic crisis. The integration of science is based on four pillars, and these are the combination of the approach of all ministries of science together with all ministries of science, problem solving approach, advanced scientific integration in line with technology, etc.

One of the best ways to increase the effectiveness of our scientific research is to develop research-oriented curricula and link them to industry. Turning scientific breakthroughs into new technologies can have a profound impact on development, but smart management of these technologies is essential. The development of informatics and the development of information technology reduce the time between discovery and application.

The challenge for sustainable development is to use technology in a way that balances productivity gains with long-term resource returns. Success in science and scientific work is achieved not through the provision of unlimited or large resources, but through a wise and careful choice of tasks and goals.

Today, man has been able to do his work in the blink of an eye, which is only possible with the help of science, so we can confidently say that science plays an important role in creating a sustainable future. Science has done a lot for people. For example, with the help of science, people can have their own lives, have their own Mars rockets, scientists can understand our ancient history and so on. All phenomena are the product of science, technology, whether it’s smartphones, fans, tires, cars, cloth, paper, radio, TV, and more. Today, one cannot imagine life without thousands of things, big and small. Science creates things big and small. Conclusion – Science is related to every aspect of our life and we are one of the best countries in the world based on science and various technologies.

The United Nations has announced that 2022 will be dedicated to the basic sciences, with a focus on how scientific research can contribute to sustainable development and improve the quality of life around the world. Dr. Srivari Chandrasekhar, Secretary of DST, highlighted the importance of National Science Day and said that schools and colleges across India will celebrate the holiday on February 28, 2022 based on this theme, the statement said. Mr. Ramana Prasad, world-renowned entrepreneur, educator and President of the School of AI India of the School of AI India, said that the National Science Day, held annually in India, is important in promoting the scientific spirit not only in adults, but also in children in schools, colleges and universities in India.

As a result, the Scientists, Engineers and Architects Wing (SEA Wing) hosted a launch program at Diamond Hall, Shantivan on this year’s theme. Speaking about the success of the integrated approach, Singh said that 168 proposals/requests were received from 33 ministries/industry departments for scientific applications and technology support and solutions from all six science and technology departments, including space and nuclear energy.

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