Eman Nabih

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Rainwater’s Engine

According to Lefigaro magazine, Laurent Baltazar who sells his system for five years now,  said that the rainwater’s engine actually brings water in spray form

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Magical Coconut Oil

Coconut oil can be considered one of the major ingredients in lots of components in food , beauty and health. Coconut oil is extracted from

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Garlic is a herb from the lily family, it has been used as a food and prescribed as a medicine since the pharaohs has been

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Eye And Nasal Allergy

What is eye allergy? What are the symptoms? Eye allergy is the reaction of the body towards the allergens that irritate the eye. This irritation leads

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Who Discovered Iron

Iron is one of the most common elements and one of the most used metals, Iron in the Latin language was called Ferrum that is

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