How To Fight Bad Breath

How to fight bad breath


Digestive problems are not the cause of bad breath. More than 8 out of 10 cases, the cause of bad breath is in the mouth. “Whether they come from a decay, gingivitis, periodontitis (loss of teeth) or the tongue coating, which are bacteria that, by degrading the proteins present in the mouth, generate malodorous volatile sulfur compounds.

Researchers at the School of Dental Medicine Buffalo (New York) have identified a bacterium present in all chronic bad breath: the solibacterium moorei. This discovery should enable the development of targeted products, especially the micro-organism is related to the most common gum disease.


Bacteria grow when saliva is missing. Upon awakening: the facial muscles were at rest and saliva is reduced then. You can drink a glass of water in that matter. During a speech stress mouth sphincters of the salivary glands. Drugs: against depression, colds, they are 200 to produce a dry mouth.


Gastro-oesophageal reflux due to malfunction of the valve located at the junction of the esophagus and stomach can cause halitosis. Limit spices, onions, citrus fruits, fatty foods, milk, soft drinks, among others, and consume licorice protects the mucous membranes.


When you drink, about 5% of the alcohol is eliminated through the lungs, its concentration in 2 liters of breath corresponds to its concentration in 2 ml of blood. So your breath is a fairly reliable breathalyzer. As for garlic breath, it is due to the aliciline which is found in the pulmonary circulation.


Bad breath can have an origin ENT. To determine if this is the case – with an infected or malodorous discharge in the throat sinusitis – The patient is asked to close the mouth and exhale through the nose. If it still feels there is a good chance that it comes sinus, “says Jean-Marc Dersot, periodontist specialist halitosis.


When cavities tonsils are very deep (they are called crypts), dead skin cells can accumulate and harden, forming a foul material called casein. The solution: remove (watch the gag reflex) and consider a laser cauterization in case of recurrence.

Solutions to have a good normal breath


A toothbrush is not used to hunt food that get stuck, but to take off the bacteria in dental plaque that accumulates on the surface of teeth. A revealing plate can help. This dye is deposited on the enamel and after rinsing, remains bound to the plate. Identified, it is sufficient to adopt the right thing to eliminate.

Tongue scraper

The back of the tongue as a doormat where nest bacteria and food debris is the tongue coating. It is responsible for one third of cases of bad breath, if you believe the statistics of a Madrid hospital specializing in halitosis. By eliminating once a day with a tongue scraper (no more, because the back of the tongue is fragile), we arrive at reducing volatile sulfur compounds by 50%.

Mouthwashes and lozenges

Their purpose is to act on volatile sulfur compounds. There are few really effective products in the field as a simple mouthwash or spray with mint often have only cosmetic effect on the odor, rather than eliminate it. Attention alcohol content in some formulas induced dry mouth, and thus a vicious circle.

Some Inventions Of 2013

Smart Phone HZO waterproof Mobile  expected to be released 2013

Smart Phone HZO, waterproof Mobile – expected to be released 2013

Fork can measures the quantities of food you eat provided with alert, which stops you from eating, the minute you exceed the quantities you are allowed to eat.

Nectar Mobiles charger charge will last for 2 weeks

Nectar Mobiles charger, charge will last for 2 weeks

Inventions from Japan: A fork and a Knife in one tool for cutting Pizzas

Charge your mobile through hot or cold energy drinks! This talented invention, is based on charging the the Mobile by hot or cold energy. Application called “Stirling engine” and allows mobile ship through its cable and connector slot “USB” at the base of the charger actually above the cup hot or cold, which runs through this energy steam  and converts it into electricity shipped out to Mobile.

jumper mouse

Designer Vadim Kyprian Born 1974 in Russia and graduated from the State Academy of Urals architecture and industrial arts, lived in the city of Prague in Germany since 2005. He invented the mouse jumper and designed specifically for people who suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, which frequently associated Computer using a mouse for a long time.

Jumper mouse for disabled persons

Mouse jumper now works in a simple way and smart wireless, the Pat Mouse Pad provider contain magnets similar to existing pole magnet allowing the mouse mouse that floats freely in the air at an altitude of 40 mM or 10 ms under the weight of your hands. The mouse is still in the testing phase and is not available for purchase yet, but when he put it in the markets, it will be put black and white and is the guarantor that makes innovative on the list of 40 designers will change the world…

New Gadgets To Keep People Healthy

Expiring Medication Packaging to announce not to take the medicine

Instead of the usual Medication Packaging that we are used to and can see in the image, a lot of people have problems with seeing the expiry dates printed on the back of the Medication Packaging. The new invention is to have marks on the back of Medication Packaging that is obviously spotted. The gadget will prevent people to take the medications that are expired as they will not benefit from the medications.
The new packaging would use a multi-layered material featuring the standard label layer on top, and a sub-layer with the expiration warning message. In between these layers would be a diffusible material that lets the ink from the bottom layer seep through over time, eventually revealing when the meds were expired.
The approach not only helps prevent consumers from taking expired medication, in theory it would also make it very difficult for shady retailers to sell medicine that’s past its prime.

Terumo’s Upwalk Toe Lifting Socks

The new socks prevent the elder people from falling, as the old people can have several diseases that can cause a lot of falling. The Huge German medical Terumo has announced about the new sock.
The Upwalk brand of socks features different stitching on top and the bottom so that there’s more give on the bottom and more pull on top, resulting in lifted toes. According to the video below, though Japanese folks like to walk around in their socks at home, the Upwalk socks do their magic even while wearing shoes.

Smart spoon for Parkinson’s tremors

People who suffers the Parkinson’s disease have alot of problems when eating, there has been many gadgets invented in the last years, but the new gadget might be the best.
The Liftware spoon constantly steadies itself thanks to an embedded computer that takes the motion signals detected by the sensors, identifies the user’s tremor, and then moves the spoon in the opposite direction of that tremor. The company reports that lab tests showed a more than 70 percent reduction in tremors.

Strange And Funny Inventions

A Korean Artist made a carpet on the form of keyboard with 22528 Buttons
A Korean Artist made a carpet on the form of keyboard with 22528 Buttons
Another screenshot for the carpet made by A Korean Artist on the form of keyboard with 22528 Buttons
Another screenshot for the carpet made by A Korean Artist on the form of keyboard with 22528 Buttons
Burger Bed
Nighty Night Sleep Tight
Nighty Night Sleep Tight
Oh can this be used in the toilet too Umbrella Home Kiosk
Very Comfortable Shower and can be used as a spare guest room
Very Comfortable Shower and can be used as a spare guest room
Very Modern Special Traffic Signals Light Barrier can’t be safer than that
Very Practical Food Cooler
Very Practical Food Cooler

The Evolution Of Mobile Phone

Most of us know the mobile phone as it is today. But this small technological object that has revolutionized our lives has not always been so practical and pretty. We can even say that it was rather ugly and bulky.

It is also possible to say that man has always been a homo mobilus to assert that he was born with a mobile phone.

The question of “when and how did homo mobilus” is nonetheless fascinating! For this historic journey, philosophical, anthropological and sociological provides a unique insight into the relationship we have with the mobile network and the wider world of telecommunications and the concept of mobility.

Through some episodes in the history of communication from our origins, we suggest that man is a greedy species transmission beyond words, mobility and ubiquity, gifted with imagination and creativity ever-changing technology in telecommunications.

1956 SRA Ericsson MTA This is the first mobile phone 40 kilos of mobile technology motionless 1983 Motorola DynaTAC 8000 X Sold then at about 3995 dollars
1984 Nokia Mobira Talkman With a box as big the excuse of dead battery does not pass
1984 Nokia Mobira Talkman With a box as big the excuse of dead battery does not pass
1989 Motorola Micro TAL Smaller but still not to slip into the pocket
1994 Motorola 2900 Bag Phone As its name suggests to be taken everywhere like a handbag
1994 Motorola 2900 Bag Phone As its name suggests to be taken everywhere like a handbag
1996 Nokia 9000 Communicator Or the first version of what could be a smartphone
1996 Nokia 9000 Communicator Or the first version of what could be a smartphone
1998 Nokia 5110 Color
2002 Blackberry 5810
2002 Blackberry 5810
2004 Motorola Razr V3 2007 iPhone first generation
Mobiles 2013
Mobiles 2013

The Most Dangerous Five Animals In The World

Poison Dart Frog

This unique type of frogs live in Central and South America, And belongs to the family Dendrobatidae. Frog size varies from 1.5 cm to 6 cm. Their skin is very attractive and colorful, but also toxic. They contain a toxic substance alkaline greasy. They attract their prey using their bodies colorful cleverly. Remnants of poison frog contains enough poison to kill 10 people in a single moment. However, there are some animals that have immune and safe from toxins. There are approximately 100 species of poison dart frogs all over the world and which can be found in various locations such as Colombia and Brazil.

Saltwater Crocodile

They are one of the oldest reptiles that can be found in Asia, Africa and Australia, and they live in the rivers and lakes of salt water. That is why they are called saltwater crocodile. Size of 5 to 20 feet. This is one of the most dangerous animals on the planet. Crocodiles famous for deceit and deception. They get rid of their prey silently with their Jas. They are strong and very fast, they can pressed bones, and use them as a weapon in the attack. The estimated number of victims of the saltwater crocodile from 600 – 800 per year.

Piranha Fish
Piranha Fish

Piranha fish belongs to the family Characidae. It is an omnivorous freshwater fish which is a resident of rivers in South Africa. They have Sharp teeth to help in achieve its desire in meat. Piranha red-rumen is the most dangerous. They are able to identify the human body through the twinkling of an eye. Also gravitate towards blood just like her colleague white shark. According to recent research, attacks on humans are not very frequent. However, it is very dangerous fish and came in third place in the list of the most dangerous animals.

African Lion
African Lion

King of the Jungle won fourth place in the list of the most dangerous animals. This animal belongs to the Felidae family of big cats. African lion is very lazy and gets 20 hours of rest per day. He is one of the largest cats. They live in sub-Saharan Africa and some parts of Asia. They have a terrible speed, claws, razor sharp teeth to attack prey and they cause 800 deaths annually.

White Shark

One of the huge animals that live beneath the surface of the sea and belongs to the family of the shark. Has a sense of the feeling of blood beneath the surface of the water and is what constitutes a shield for him at the side of his deadly teeth. The smell of blood makes them excited and in the rampage case, they eat everything that comes their way. White Shark Never attack a man for revenge as the Movies always claim, but it is very dangerous though, when it is excited. About 100 of the deaths caused by white shark attacks annually.

New Conductive Unbreakable And More Stretchable Wires

North Carolina State University researchers have reached to a new conductive wires that can stretch 8 times more than their original size while keeping their quality as it is. The new wires can replace any type of wires, the wires can be used in headphones and phone chargers and it might be used in electronic textiles.

To make the wires, researchers start with a thin tube made of an extremely elastic polymer and then fill the tube with a liquid metal alloy of gallium and indium, which is an efficient conductor of electricity.

While the manufacturing of the new wires is relatively straightforward, Dickey notes that one challenge needs to be addressed before the wires can be considered for popular products: how to minimize leakage of the metal if the wires are severed.
The paper, “Ultrastretchable Fibers with Metallic Conductivity Using a Liquid Metal Alloy Core,” is published online in Advanced Functional Materials. The paper was co-authored by Shu Zhu, a former undergraduate at NC State; Dr. Ju-Hee So, a former Ph.D. student at NC State; Robin Mays and William Barnes, Ph.D. students at NC State; Dr. Sharvil Desai, a former postdoctoral researcher at NC State; and Dr. Behnam Pourdeyhimi, the William A. Klopman Distinguished Chaired Professor of Materials in NC State’s College of Textiles and a professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering in the university’s College of Engineering.
The research was funded by a National Science Foundation (NSF) CAREER award and the NSF’s Research Triangle Materials Research Science & Engineering Center.

The Most Computer Simulation Of The Human Brain

The human brain
The human brain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Canadian University of Waterloo researchers have announced that they have reached for the most computer simulation of the human brain. The simulation is the most accurate ever reached as the computer can see the inputs and process it and then write it using a computer arm. They called it Spaun (Semantic Pointer Architecture Unified Network).

The “reverse engineering” approach of attempting to understand the biology of the human brain and then build a computer that models it isn’t new; but now, thanks to the promising results of research efforts led by Prof. Chris Eliasmith, the technique could gain even more traction.

Using a supercomputer, the researchers modeled the mammalian brain in close detail, capturing its properties, overall structure and connectivity down to the very fine details of each neuron – including which neurotransmitters are used, how voltages are generated in the cell, and how they communicate – into a very large and resource-intensive computer simulation.

Then, they hardwired into the system the instructions to perform eight different tasks that involved different forms of high-level cognitive functions, such as abstraction. Tasks included handwriting recognition, answering questions, addition by counting, and even the kind of completion of symbolic patterns that often appears in intelligence tests.

But in its present state, the model is still affected by some severe limitations. For one, it cannot learn new tasks, and all of its knowledge has to be hardwired beforehand. Also, Spaun’s performance isn’t exactly breathtaking: it takes the system approximately two and a half hours to produce an output that you and I could carry out in a single second.

And yet, a bit paradoxically, the most interesting results of the project aren’t Spaun’s successes, but rather its shortcomings. All in all, the model exhibited a behavior that was surprisingly similar to that of a human. When asked a question, it hesitated before answering, pausing for about as long (when correcting for performance) as a human would; when trying to memorize a series of numbers, it struggled when the list got too long and, just like a human, it remembered the first few numbers better than the ones in the middle of the list.

These similarities suggest that the system could be used to offer a coherent theory of how the brain works. Already, the researchers have used their system to show exactly how the loss of neurons – either from aging or injury – affects performance on cognitive tests. Going forward, the model could inspire promising new designs for a general-purpose artificial intelligence.

Broccoli Fighting Breast Cancer

Studies show that broccoli may help in the pre...
Studies show that broccoli may help in the prevention of cancer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Broccoli is one of cabbage family plants, People eat the green flower of broccoli as a type of vegetables. Broccoli is known as a reach plant with vitamin C, fibers and it also contains anti cancer compounds such as diindolylmethane and selenium.
Researchers of Johns Hopkins University and Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center have reached the importance of Broccoli fighting Breast cancer in particular.

Researchers at the Institute of Food Research (IFR) believe that sulforaphane can boost the body’s own anti-cancer weapons.
Sulforaphane is produced by the body when we eat glucoraphanin, a compound found in broccoli.
It is thought sulforaphane turns on genes that boost antioxidant levels and blocks a family of enzymes called HDAC that prevents the body from suppressing tumours.
It may even encourage the body to make other enzymes that excrete carcinogens.
Research also shows it may stop the development of cancer stem-cells that are resistant to chemotherapy and radiation therapy.
The two new trials using broccoli-based medicines are both based in America.
At Johns Hopkins University and the Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center, women with breast cancer are being given sulforaphane daily for two weeks to see if it slows the growth of tumours and increases levels of protective enzymes in breast tissue.
Meanwhile, at the Knight Cancer Institute in Oregon, researchers are looking at whether broccoli extract taken three times a day for up to two months slows the growth of tumour cells.

On the other way scientists from Florida’s and Texas’s A&M Universities  say that diindolylmethane (DIM), which is found in cruciferous vegetables, is the active ingredient that can beat even triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC), the most aggressive type that affects around 20% of all sufferers.
What is more, the new compound is more effective, and less debilitating, than current conventional treatments available, such as chemotherapy.
TNBC is one of the most aggressive forms of breast cancer; it grows faster, spreads to other parts of the body earlier, is harder to detect on a mammogram and recurs more often.
Drug treatment for TNBC is, in addition, so toxic that it can make the patient sicker and chemotherapy is generally ineffective.
The scientists say they are “confident” the new compound represents an effective and safe alternative and the fact it can combat TNBC is especially impressive.

New Charger For All Mobile Devices In A Bag Called Phorce


Phorce is a new bag that can be used as a charger for your Smartphones and MacBooks. Phorce is the new bag that can be transferred from a backpack to a briefcase and you can stop worrying about losing it.


Never again run out of power while on the go, lose your bag, or carry multiple bags to store all of your gadgets. Phorce is the world’s first smart bag that powers all your devices (including MacBooks), connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, transforms from a backpack to a messenger or a briefcase, and prevents you from losing it. This triple-threat smart bag will be launched through a Kickstarter campaign this week.


The bag, was constructed using the latest in technology and design, was the brainchild of entrepreneur Marijn Berk, a Kauffman Foundation scholar whose previous venture created an affordable solar-charging solution for the developing world, and James Jeffrey, a designer with more than 10 years of experience in the bag industry. They aim to raise $150,000 through their Kickstarter project so that Phorce can be released internationally.


Phorce is designed for those who’ve experienced great difficulty carrying tech equipment and staying connected while traveling extensively in the air and on the ground.


Additionally, the bag comes with an Android and iOS application that allows you to talk to your bag by connecting your phone to your Phorce bag via Bluetooth. This app lets you gauge the power that’s left in your device through an intuitive graphics display on your screen that also shows you the exact number of remaining charges for all your devices. Additionally, this feature sends a notification to your phone if you leave your bag behind, so you can quickly run back to grab it.


Whether you’re at a meeting and need a briefcase, carry heavy items and need a backpack, or need your hands free to bike to work, Phorce can transform from a messenger bag, to a backpack, to a briefcase in a matter of seconds, with no additional equipment needed. At the airport, the Phorce bag has a special opening that allows it to slide over the telescopic handles of your trolley bag, making it easy to get to the gate on time. The bag is compact and light-weight but can transform into a bigger bag, thanks to its expansion zipper that gives you 240 cubic inches of extra space.


The bag includes protective padding, a custom-made water-resistant fabric, and waterproof zippers to protect your gear from shocks, drop and rain. A special fabric inside the pockets helps clean your devices for fingerprint-free displays.