Bananas Peels Clean Water

Photo of four varieties of bananas.
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How many kilos of bananas peels have you thrown in the garbage. I guess no one ever thought that this peels could be useful.

Now you should change your mind after the discovery of the Brazilian team that would take over any other way used to clean wastewater. We read about lots of ways to clean the wastewater that we consider environmentally clean, like sewage poo-igloos, algae and bacteria.  While some other ways we don’t consider clean, which is more used nowadays using chemical treatments.

But the scientists in Brazil have discovered a new method, the team found that when mincing  banana peels it quickly and effectively remove toxic metals like lead and copper from wastewater. They also found out that the banana peels work better than the chemical treatments. Beside that they reached the fact that it is reusable, the same batch of peels can be used up to 11 times. One more thing that we shouldn’t forget that banana peels are of course more cheaper than the all the other methods.

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