Better Vision for Blind and Poor Vision Sighted People

Electric Eye (video)
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Electric Eye 

It gives the possibility of providing partial eyesight to blind people. The main component of this device is a chip encased in a titanium cover. The titanium prevents water from damaging the chip. The whole device comes in the form of eye glasses fitted with a camera. This camera is used in the transmission of captured images to the titanium covered chip. As the chip receives transmission from camera.
TYR corrective Optical Performance Goggle 

Many people with poor vision face the problem of swimming in a pool without glasses or contact lenses. The TYR Corrective Optical Performance Goggle is designed for all swimmers, who want to feel at ease, enjoy swimming and seeing everything clearly.
The goggles feature wide-angle optical grade polycarbonate lens that allows having wide vision. Polycarbonate is one of the best choices for sport lenses that is highly impact-resistant. Besides, they are thin and light and offer UV protection. It offers a wide variety of sizes. The goggles have comfortable fit that can be easily adjusted to everyone.
Electronic Eyeglasses to substitute bifocals 

Those lenses are for people, who need eyeglasses with two different strengths. This effect is obtained with bifocals, eye wear with two lenses for near vision and far vision.
The lenses are covered with liquid crystal that changes their reflective index when the electrical charge pass through it. This technology allows changing focal length according to the direction a person is looking at. This happens almost immediately as you press the button manually at the sides of the eyeglasses.
It also adjust focal distance automatically. The eyeglasses have a wider range of settings than bifocal eyeglasses, including far, near and in-between.
Commonly used bifocals are meant for people who need correction to see clearly at different distances. Those lenses overcome the problems of  bifocals such as  headache and dizziness. With new eyeglasses those problems disappear.

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