Causes for Loss of Libido, Impotence and Sexual Weakness in Men

Loss of libido, impotence or other sexual weakness in men does not allow an individual or couple to feel satisfaction after sexual activity, such problems are also referred as sexual dysfunction. There are physical and psychological reasons responsible for the occurrence of these problems in men.

Loss of libido in men is rare compared to women but recently there has been an up rise in the cases related to such sexual dysfunction. Stress has been the most common reason so far causing loss of libido in men. Depression itself and some medicines used to cure depression also promote reduction in libido in men. Diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure and problems related to adrenalin gland also cause loss of libido. Ageing is a natural cause for low libido, arteries getting stiff or obstruction in the flow of blood to genitals or weak muscular response due to growing age are few reasons that cause loss of libido. Relationship issues and past trauma are other psychological reasons for loss of libido in men.

Impotence or erectile dysfunction is lack of erection or short duration of erection insufficient to give sexual satisfaction to both the partners. This mainly occurs due to damage caused to the arteries, muscles and tissues either by any disease or any other reason. Diseases like diabetes, diseases related to kidney, sclerosis, atherosclerosis and cardio-vascular diseases are major causes for this problem. Medication for certain diseases like depression, high blood pressure, asthma, diabetes etc. also promote impotency in men as a side effect. Some psychological and life style related reasons like stress, depression, alcoholism, smoking, obesity and hormonal imbalance reducing production of testosterone hormone also cause impotency.

Other sexual weaknesses like premature ejaculation, inhibited ejaculation or retarded ejaculation, reduced semen volume, low sperm count are caused due to several similar physical or psychological reasons. Genetics also play a role in the surfacing of sexual weakness in men but this is very rare unless it is due to some diseases like diabetes which are carried from one generation to other. It is difficult to pin point any general reason or activity as a cause for low libido, impotence and other sexual weakness in men, any one physical or psychological reason may lead to embarrassing situation of sexual dysfunction.

It may not be possible to find out one reason for sexual dysfunction in men so that it can be avoided to prevent occurrence of such problems but herbal medicine and supplements can surely cure all of these sexual dysfunctions may be due to any reason. Herbal supplements made of time tested herbs provide solutions to the problems like loss of libido, impotency and other sexual weaknesses in men, and are free of side effects. These herbal medicines in the form of pills, creams and tonics, contain curative properties to address all the possible short comings in the body hindering proper functioning of sexual organs and even work as hormonal balancers and supplements to over come deficiencies caused due to malnutrition or genetic reasons. These herbal medicines give beneficial results in a short duration and alleviate the problem for better and happy relationship.

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