Chinese Are Saving Shores

Blue Atlantic Ocean Waters - Rocky Sea Shore
Image by via Flickr

Researchers in China have developed an invention that will help in the fight shore erosion, high and medium waves and the most destructive of all Tsunami waves. It all lies in a concrete cylinders that can lessen the intensity of the waves till 10% of it.

Chinese researchers have developed a system that uses concrete cylinders to render coastlines effectively invisible to incoming waves. Physicists have been working on invisibility cloaks made out of metamaterials that are capable of messing with light waves to divert them away from or around whatever you want to make disappear. On a fundamental level, light waves and ocean waves are the same type of thing, and Chinese scientists have been able to extend this wave-altering concept to water.
Instead of using some kind of crazy metamaterial, the researchers just built arrays of concrete cylinders out in the water. The cylinders are hollow, with narrow slits in the sides. As waves travel past the cylinders, water enters through these slits, and after the wave passes, the water drains out again. The trick here is that if the cylinders are “tuned” properly (with the right size slits), water will flow in at the peak of each wave and then out at the trough, effectively canceling out up to 90% of the wave’s intensity and protecting anything on the other side of the cylinders. And if you want, all that in-and-out action of water through the cylinders coul be used to drive an electric generator. 

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