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Keeping our environment clean, should be our first priority, so start protecting our Earth now. It is not that difficult, just think of how will you benefit from the clean environment. Looking over those points before making up your mind will make you believe how easy it is.

1.  Recycling whatever can be recycled, plastics, paper, glass, Mobiles and batteries.

2. Stop using the paper mailing and newspapers, and use the Internet instead you can use it in mailing and read the newspaper through it. You can save a tree, by using recycled paper instead of the usual paper.

3.  Use the new home appliances which don’t pollute the air as the old appliances (i.e. the old refrigerators  pollute the air with freon more than the new ones).

4.  Controlling the Heaters and Air Conditioners to consume the least energy, by bearing  a few degrees higher or cooler than you are used to.

5. Trying to use renewable energy such as wind, solar reduces the huge amount of pollution that help to keep the environment clean.

6. Reduce electricity  by using the energy-efficient light because it uses less energy  and last  longer than the usual light bulb. Switch off your computer at night. Take off the plugs of the television and receiver when you’re not watching, because they drain electricity even when they are off.

7. Save as much water as you can, when watering your garden, washing your clothes, washing your teeth, shaving, or having a shower.

8. Lessen buying cleaners that are potentially toxic to both you and the environment, and try more natural ways, lemon, vinegar baking soda are natural  non toxic cleaners.

9.  New technologies had afford us Paints that don’t make smog as the old paints.

10. Plant your own food in your garden, some vegetables and fruits are very easy to take care off, don’t forget to use natural compost instead of  synthetic fertilizers. You’ll be sure it is clean of pesticides and at the same time clean your environment.

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