Egyptian Inventor Discovers Silver In A Plant And Gold Is On Its Way And More…

He is a member of the Egyptian Society of Inventors and Explorers, Mr. MohamedAbdullah Halabush, who managed to discover silver in a particular plant. The Egyptian Inventor did not announce the name of the plant yet.

The Egyptian Inventor said that gold is on its way too.
The details of this discovery invention have started when Mr. Mohammed announced the discovery of the existence of silver in a particular plant, stressing that the plant can be grown at home or in an apartment and silver can be extracted from this particular plant in large quantities.

According to The Egyptian Inventor, the cost of extracting silver is low and the financial return is high and the quality of extracted silver is a high degree purity and quality.

This scientific discovery is considered as a global high degree of importance and would open a great scientific prospects in this regard.
The Egyptian Inventor has provided more than 45 inventions, scored from 7 inventions in Kuwait and the Scientific Research Academy. Also another invention of his, which is a Device to prevent «trampled» during the accident, where the car accidents caused by the presence of thousands of persons with disabilities as well as the large number of dead.

This device idea is simple:” The device is placed in front of the car and when the accident happens, it can not drop a person under the wheels of the car. This device is buried under the «Motor» and «in case any accident takes place, we just have to click on «buttons» highlight the device and it automatically pick the person who stands in the way of the car and get the person secured. Meantime, the car stops immediately and with no loss of  lives.”

Mr. Mohammed has also invented an Electric Piano Keyboard for Schools.

It is well known that Electric Piano Keyboard is played by one single player; But the new Electric Piano Keyboard Invention can be played by a whole number of pupils which is 3 thousand school students.

The Egyptian Inventor mentioned that he presented this  New Electric Piano Keyboard Invention to Kuwait and Egypt.

And with the help of one of his Kuwaitis friend (business man),  who managed to take  a picture of the invention and went to London and presented it to the specialists there who admired it so much and declared that this invention is a high degree of accuracy », if implemented.

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