Energy Saving Nest Digital Thermostat Now Widely Available

Homeowners looking for an easier more energy efficient means of controlling the temperature inside their homes will love the Nest thermostat. This nifty high-tech thermostat is the new replacement for old fashioned rectangular thermostats. Those old thermostats were confusing anyway. The Nest, which is now being sold at Lowe’s stores around the country, is easy to install, use and it learns your schedule.

Yep, this digital thermostat might as well be verging on artificial intelligence. It learns your schedule within a few days and starts adjusting the temperature without you needing too. Additionally, this device begins working out ways to help homeowners save money on their utilities by suggesting higher or lower temperatures throughout the day. A small green leaf pops up on the screen of the thermostat every time they adjust the temperature. This helps to show homeowners when they are moving in a more energy efficient direction.

The device is simple to install too. Handy homeowners can replace their old thermostat with the Nest in about 30 minutes. The makers of Nest also have an installation concierge service that homeowners can call on to come out and install the thermostat for them. If you have just moved into a piece of glen cove real estate and want to install the Nest, but are not familiar with electrical wiring, the concierge service can help. The company also provides a 1-800 number that homeowners can call for more information.

The Nest is unique compared to other standard thermostats. It allows homeowners to change the temperature online or from their mobile devices. When you install your Nest digital thermostat, you’ll be able to connect it wirelessly to the internet. Homeowners looking to save on utilities when it turns out they won’t be home at their usual time can login to their Nest through a mobile app and change the temperature settings. The mobile app is easy to download and install on your cell phone. Logging into the Nest via the web requires only a username and password.

The Nest also features an “Away” setting that homeowners can turn on before they leave on vacations. Away keeps the temperature setting between a set minimum temperature and maximum temperature.

It’s harder than ever for people on the go to stay on top of their utility costs. Steps like using renewable energy and installing energy efficient installation and appliances save a lot. The Nest, now available at Lowe’s, can also give green homeowners a little more control over their energy usage.

About the author: Chris is a blogger for a college admissions counselor. He writes on a variety of green and scientific topics.

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