Everything About Nose Bleeding

Everything About Nose BleedingWhat is nose bleeding?
The nose bleeding happens because of the bleeding of one part of the nose the anterior part or posterior part. In case of the nose bleeding from the posterior part, you have to look for medical help. 90 percent of the nose bleeding is caused from the anterior part and only 10 percent is from the posterior part.

Why do we suffer nose bleeding?
There are several reasons for minor nose bleeding such as having a nose trauma, cold and irritation caused by allergies; While there are other causes for nose bleeding that you should take care of it such as bleeding disorders, tumors or high blood pressure. The frequent nose bleeding can be caused by hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia.

How to treat the nose bleed?
In case of minor bleeding caused by a trauma, cold or allergy; The first thing to do in order to stop the bleeding is by leaning forward, then you should pinch the nose near the top while breathing from the mouth, take your hand off the nose after ten minutes or so. If the bleeding did not stop put a bag of ice on the upper part of the nose for another 10 minutes.
Take care that you should not blow, breath through your nose or make a big effort for few hours after the bleeding stops.
If the bleeding did not stop you should check a doctor. In case of frequent nose bleeding you should check the reasons by the physicians.

How to avoid nose bleeding?
If you have frequent nose bleeding and you checked your doctor and there is no serious cause that should be treated and your nose bleeding is caused by the dryness of the weather, so you can use saline daily.
Avoid the hot weather as much as you can, because the hot weather is one of the nose bleeding sources for the allergic nose.

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