Eye And Nasal Allergy

Eye AllergyWhat is eye allergy? What are the symptoms?
Eye allergy is the reaction of the body towards the allergens that irritate the eye. This irritation leads to the eye producing histamine, which causes the itchiness, redness, swelling tearing and burning of eyelids and conjunctiva.

What causes eye allergies?
Allergy happens due to hereditary causes in most cases as the eyes can be sensitive to some sorts of makeups, antibiotics or substances in the air as pet dander, dust, pollen and mold spores.

How can you treat eye allergy?
Use the allergy eye drops or even the artificial tears, take oral antihistamine, wash your eyes with warm water and do not use any cleaning solutions, avoid wearing contact lenses, avoid to wear make up on your eyes, avoid rubbing or scratching your eye and above all avoid the sources of allergy.

Nasal AllergyWhat is nasal allergy? What are the symptoms?
Nasal allergy, allergic rhinitis, or hay fever are all names of the same thing, nasal allergy is the reaction of the body against some sorts of allergy causes, this reaction causes the inflation of nasal passages which causes the frequent sneezes, itched nose, problems in smelling, runny nose or blocked nose. There are other symptoms as headache, fatigue, clogged ears, tearing and itchy eyes.

What causes nasal allergies?
Nasal allergy is caused due to exposing to different allergens as dust, pollen, molds or animal dander.

How can you treat nasal allergy?
Avoiding the cause of your allergy is the main reason of not getting sick. But in case you got the allergy, you can try to make the symptoms less by using saline as a nasal wash, drink lots of water, take an antihistamine and sometimes some herbs can be very helpful as Turmeric, Thyme or Mustard oil. But in severe cases the patient has to consult a physician.

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