Facts About Bats

Bats are the only flying mammals, as their two front limbs have changed to a sort of wings. The wings of the bats are completely different than the birds wings as they are panels of skin.

Bats are one of the nocturnal animals as they hide and sleep during the day in caves, deserted buildings and trees, they start hunting during the night, in order to avoid the birds.

Bats sleep upside down as they pin their legs on a fixed thing and hang their till the night.

There are more than 1000 species of bats. The bats can be classified to two parts about three quarters of the bats species depend on their food on insects and other small living organisms, while only about the quarter are herbivores. There are few species that feed on fish, frogs, small mammals or on the blood of the mammals.

The size of the bats vary due to the variation of the species, it start from less than half a centimeter till about 15 centimeters.

Most kinds of bats are poor visioned, they depend on their high sensitive sense of hearing, they produce ultrasonic signals this is called the echolocation. The echolocation allow the bats to recognise the objects in front of them and recognise the food according to those waves.

The female bat can only deliver one pup a year, she takes care of him for about two weeks.

Vampires are a type of bats that feed on the blood of birds, cows, horses and pigs, in rare cases they can even attack humans. When they bite their victim they cut the skin and lick the blood by their tongues.

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