Facts About Birds

*There are more than 9000 species of birds all over the world.
*Birds Feathers are heavier in weigh than their skeletons.
*The shape of the bird’s peak depend on their type of food.
*The body temperature of a bird is about 35 degree Celsius.

javascript:;Facts about Hummingbird:
*The Bee hummingbird is the smallest bird, its size is about 5.7 cm and weigh about 2 grams.
*A humming bird breathes around 300-500 times every minute.
*The only bird that can fly backward, up and down. It can also beat their wings up to 80 times per second.

Facts about Ostrich:
*The Ostrich is largest, fastest in running and heaviest bird. His large weigh led to the result of not being able to fly.
*The ostrich brain is smaller than its eye.
*The ostrich can kill a lion by its very powerful kick.
* The female ostrich can identify its eggs after they are mixed with other ostrich eggs.

Facts about Turkey:
*Turkeys will keep pecking the physically inferior or different individual till its death.
*Male turkeys Globe, while the female make only a clicking noise.

Facts about Kiwi of New Zealand:
*It is the only bird that do not have wings.

Facts about Peregrine falcons:
*They are the fastest in flying, as they can reach to the speed 217 miles an hour.

Facts about Canary:
*Canary can generate new brain cells to replace the damaged cells.

Facts about Chicken:
*The chicken keeps turning her eggs about 50 times daily.
*About 75% of the chicken body is water.
*The chicken can produce waste in its lifetime that can generate enough electricity to run a 100 watt bulb for five hours.

Facts about Owls:
*The Male owl is smaller than the female owl.
*Owls do not have teeth, so they swallow their hole prey.

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