Facts About Sweat

What do you know about sweating? Sweat is the way your body automatically use to cool its temperature. You have to replace the fluids you loose when sweating, especially if you are doing exercises.

What make people sweat? As the temperature of the body arises, the sweat starts to increase. Humidity also causes the increase of the sweat. One more important cause of sweat is stress. Another factor that effect the sum of sweat is the kind of clothes the person is wearing. Another important note that not all the persons sweat as each other, the difference can be due to the genetics, as some families sweat than others.

Where does the sweat come from? There are about 2 million to 4 million sweat glands spread in the body of humans. Women have more sweat glands than men.
As the weather gets hotter the brain order the sweat glands to start working, when the sweat evaporates in the air then the body temperature starts reducing.

What do you hate mostly about the sweat? The stink odor. That must be the answer, but you should know that sweat has no odor what so ever. The odor is caused in the armpits because of the bacteria that are available in that area which cause the stink odor when mixing with the sweat. It sure smell terrible though!

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