Facts About Earth

facts about earthEarth is not a complete sphere as the diameter between the two poles is a little bit smaller than the diameter of the earth on the equator.

The heat of the earth core is the reason we still have the oceans and the atmosphere.

Deserts on Earth is formed from 15 % sand and the other 85 % are rocks and gravel.

Mountain Everest is the highest point on earth, while the Dead sea is the lowest point on earth and the deepest point in the ocean is Mariana Trench is in western Pacific Ocean and The Andes Mountain that lies in South America is the longest mountain on earth.

Water covers most of the surface of the earth that reaches 70.8 %. The largest ocean is the Pacific ocean, while the Atlantic ocean is the saltiest.

The Antartica has an amount of ice if transferred to water it will equal the Atlantic ocean.

The water on earth is salty except for 3 % that are fresh water, the 3 percent is divided to 1 % that we all use and 2 % are in the ice caps and glaciers.

The ice cover 10 % of the surface of earth.

The earth rotate around the sun in earth year and that equals 365 and a quarter, and the earth rotate around itself in 23 hours and 56 minutes not in 24 hours.

Lightning strike earth 8.6 million times daily.

Diamonds is the most precious element on earth.

There is a natural gas in Turkmenistan that is called Door to Hell, the above image, the gas has been burning continuously for 40 years.

Volcanoes covers 80 percent of the earth surface, most of them are under water.

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