Facts About Pollution

Facts About PollutionA Fact everybody know about is that the Global warming of Earth is the major outcome of pollution on Earth, Global warming is the rising of the temperature of the atmosphere and the oceans. The rise of the temperature can lead to the death of some plants and animals and that affects the amounts of food than people use.

The Noctilucent Clouds are a result of the global warming, noctilucent clouds are light clouds that appears in the sky. Noctilucent clouds happens due to the smoke in the sky that are caused by meteorites along with the pollution. Although the noctilucent clouds looks amazing but it is considered a great worry because of the great effect of the pollution.

Other facts about pollution as:

  • Pollution killed about one million sea birds, 100,000 sea mammals all over the world due to the 14 million tons of garbage thrown at sea.
  • Polluted water are one of the main reasons of death especially the children in the African countries and the Indian peninsula.
  • The radioactive water polluted due to the Japanese tsunami caused the pollution of fish in the Pacific Ocean.
  • Number of death from respiratory problems due to pollution have reached about 6500 yearly in Mexico.
  • One ton of oil is split in water out of every 1 million ton during the shipping.
  • China is the most producer of Carbon dioxide emissions in the world.
  • People living in polluted territories are more exposed to lung cancer by 20 percent the people in non polluted areas.
  • The Mexico Gulf is polluted yearly by 1.5 milloion tons of nitrogen that are poured in it from the Mississippi river.
  • Trillions gallons of sewage and industrial waste are thrown in the seas and oceans yearly.
  • The only unpolluted place in Earth is Antarctica.
  • Million of people suffers from stress diseases due to the noise pollution.

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