Fighting Clots By Oranges, Apples, Onions And Green Tea

When clots happen in the veins or arteries an enzyme is quickly secreted which allow the body to fight the clot. When the enzyme is not secreted fast enough in some people bodies the clots happen.

Harvard Medical School researchers have reached to a new discovery that rutin which is available in green tea, apple, oranges and onion can prevent the forming of clots.

They believe that rutin – also present in black and green tea – could be used in future treatments to protect against heart attacks and strokes.

Harvard researchers found that the chemical helped block a potentially dangerous enzyme involved in the formation of blood clots.
This enzyme – called protein disulfide isomerase – is released very quickly when blood clots form in the arteries and veins.
The researchers tested the ability of 500 different chemicals -including rutin- to block PDI using scientific models on computers. They found that rutin was by far the most effective.

The scientists – whose paper is published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation – discovered that it could protect blood clots that occur in both the arteries and veins.

In future they hope to use rutin to help develop simple, in treatments that could be used in patients at risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Blood clots, or thromboses, occur in arteries and vein and restrict the flow of blood. They can become dislodged and move to other parts of the body.

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