Floating Residence

As the global warming is attacking us and the water level will arise to cover parts of the land, I think the solution will be to live in the sea , here are some new ideas that might solve this problem.

The Floating  Remistudio  Ark Hotel

Trying not to keep the environment clean, the Russians are creating a potential vacation home that will not be affected by the weather, the earthquakes, the floods, the tidal waves and rising ocean levels.
The hotel can provide itself by the necessary energy, the transparent roof allows sun light to provide heat, the wind turbines create energy along with solar panels and it has photovoltaic solar cells. It can provide itself by hot water through Gutters from the roof that collect rainwater which can be heated. So you can have a safe and green environmental vacation. It has an  internal garden which provides supplies to the guests by a greenhouse.

SeaScraper – futuristic sustainable floating city

It is a whole city, but floating  on the surface of the oceans, it will use the Hull-tethered turbines to harness the ocean’s current to be self reliable, that can make the city produce its own necessary energy. The photovoltaic  structure and the concave shape will help in capturing solar energy, and allow light to reach the lower levels and  collecting and purifying rainwater.
The floating city will consist of homes, commercial space, and recreational areas.

The floating homes

If many of these houses were sit side by side, they will perform a town. But considering trying to keep the environment clean, these houses should be provided by different sources of natural energy like solar energy wind energy  to produce electricity needed for the lightning and operate important devices of the house. The solar energy can also be used  for heating the water and the house, so as to save the electricity.

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