Flood is one of the natural disasters that can struck earth as earthquakes and volcanoes. The floods is usually a recurrent event that appears in the same place, floods can happen almost everywhere all over the world.

The floods can lead to the killing of some people and the causing of great damages in properties such as buildings, bridges and cars. Floods lead to the contamination of the drinking water, destroying the crops and trees, and causes the spreading of several diseases.

The Flood can appear due to the overflowing of rivers, streams and lakes on the surrounding land, the floods can also happens as a result of continuous and heavy raining. The floods can also happens due to the melting of the snow.

Some floods that occur due to the overflowing of the rivers and streams can be managed by building dams and reservoirs, this type of floods is eliminated.

Some parts in Asia as India, Bangladesh and China have used another method to overcome the floods, by diverting the flood to places were the losses can be minimized as possible. In North America there was other solutions, in Canada, diversions has been used too but included in a big system that also includes dams. USA has overcome the floods in New Orleans by making levees and flood gates. In Europe there has been different methods as the Thames Barrier in London, a system of variable-height dikes in Venice, and the most successful system is the Delta Works with the Oosterschelde in  Netherlands.

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