Food And Habits That Are Weight Gainnig

Overweight and underweight are two different problems concerning food but the overweight is much more spotlighted, in order to keep away from obesity you should keep away from the following foods but if you suffer from underweight you can eat those foods without feeling any guilt.

Food that will hell you gain weight as:
Frying potatoes, whether french fries or the chips are one of the main reasons for the obesity over the world. Potato by itself is full of starch which causes fattening.

Red Meat and processed meats as salami, sausage and bacon are foods full of fats, calories and that leads to gaining weight.

Fast food in general are from the fastening factors as they are full of saturated fats high sugar percentage.

Fried food is a main source of fats as butter and oil are factors of weight gaining..

Sweet beverages, soda and energy drinks are fattening foods due to the high calories they produce to he body.

Sweets, simple sugar, biscuits, ice cream, cream, chocolate, cakes and other deserts are all foods that would give fatness.

Food containing white flour are more fattening that the food made from brown flour. The bread made from refined grains increases the blood sugar and the sugar turns to fats.

Habits that will cause fattening:
Sleeping less than 6 hours or more than 8 ours can cause a small gained weight.

Watching TV while eating or eating snacks while watching TV are major factors of weight gain.

alcohol except wine have ben proven as factors for weight gain.

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