FruitWash Labels That Washes The Green Grocery

When washing the green grocery, what is the first thing you should do? Getting rid of the labels that are stuck on every piece. That sometimes can be annoying if you are washing a big bunch of fruit or vegetables.

And if you think green, imagine the amount of waste papers that is thrown in the garbage everyday for the tons of green groceries that are eaten. Also the amount of detergents needed to clean all those tons of fruit and vegetables.

On the other direction, we should be considering the unhealthy pesticides and bacteria that the usual detergent cannot get rid of it. Or spend a lot of money on the fruit wash soap to get rid of the harmful factors.

Scott Amron has solved all those problems by producing his marvelous and intelligent idea. The FruitWash labels, you don’t take it off, you don’t through it away, you don’t use the usual unsafe detergent and save the money of the expensive special fruit detergent.

Instead you can find all the the advantages in Amron production, as Amron announce about its Features:

– Washing turns label into Fruit Soap
– No stickers to peel off and throw away
– No expensive produce wash (fruit wash) to buy
– Displays Price Look-Up codes for fast & accurate check-out
– Label can also be removed normally by peeling off
– Water resistant
– Washing / rubbing with water triggers the turn
– Helps remove water-resistant wax, pesticides and fungicides

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