Future GM Vehicle

The New Vehicles is coming.

As General Motors announced that is how the vehicles will look like in 2030, it can also drive by itself. It is called EN-V Electric Networked Vehicle.

GM  has three different concepts of EN-V. The new electric two-seater vehicle is one-third the size of typical cars, its speed can reach 25-mile electric range, although it is two wheeled but it has its own Segway self-balancing. It works by electricity and hydrogen.

The New futuristic car is  equipped with drive-by-wire technology, and its carbon-fiber body is outfitted with GPS, distancing-sensing, vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-grid communications technology that enables the EN-V to be driven either manually or autonomously.

While it drives itself  the driver can enjoy his time by chatting with friends or whatever the driver would like to do, since he doesn’t need to concentrate on the road, since the sensors will do the job for him.

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