Glass window that can produce electricity

Solar cells on a Photovoltaic panel at the Nat...

New Energy researchers have developed a working prototype in the development of new methods and technologies for applying New Energy’s electricity-generating the world’s first glass window that can produce electricity.

A glass window was generated  using the world’s smallest working organic solar cells.

In contrast to the conventional solar systems, the solar cells developed by New Energy Technologies can produce power from both natural and artificial sources of light. These solar cells show a 10 times better performance than the solar and thin-film technologies used today.

Spray-on Liquid Glass that Can Cover Any Surface

The main ingredient used in the liquid glass is silicon dioxide that is obtained from quartz sand.  Water or Ethanol can be added according to the type of surface that needs to be covered.  The spray produces a coating that is just 100nm thick. This coating can be easily cleaned using water or a damp cloth.

It is flexible and breathable. The invention was tested in plants, scientists found that the plants could resist the fungal diseases much more, and the seeds grew faster.

The liquid glass can protect any type of surface from damages caused by water, UV radiation, dirt, heat, and bacterial infections.  The invention could be also used on clothing, because it cannot be seen by the naked eye, thus clothes could become stain resistant. Due to its unique properties, the liquid glass can be used to cover bathrooms, tiles, sinks and many other surfaces in the home. According to the researchers, the spay-on glass can last for a year.

Source: SolarWindow – glass window that can generate electricity

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