Gold Nanoparticles Fighting Cancer

University of Southampton researchers led by the Physics lecturer Dr. Antonios Kanara have developed smart nanomaterials. Dr. Antonios Kanara and his colleagues proved that a small dose of gold nanoparticles could be used to control the genes that are responsible for the supply of nutrients and oxygen to different types of cancer cells.

The team also found out that the gold nanoparticles can be helpful in cellular nanosurgery.

The team went a step further to control the degree of damage to the endothelial cells using laser illumination. Endothelial cells construct the interior of blood vessels and play a pivotal role in angiogenesis.

The researchers are almost midway through their research and have published two related papers with another one submitted for publication and four more planned throughout this year. Their major target is to develop a complete nanotechnology toolkit to manipulate angiogenesis. To make this a reality within five to ten years they continue to seek funding.

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