Groundbreaking for the Digital Revolution

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Image by Getty Images via @daylife

Internet, Twitter and mostly Facebook were a groundbreaking inventions at the time they were created.

The Egyptian youth used the social medias especially Facebook in get in contact with each others by creating groups and pages then they gained hundreds of thousands that started protesting the 25th Jan Revolution, the huge revolution that happened and succeeded in causing the stepping down of the president in 18 days.

Subsequently, the government blocked Facebook and Twitter and eventually shut down Internet access completely. And with the outside world following the unfolding revolution online, political leaders and others, including Twitter, spoke out against the violence and freedom of expression issues at risk.

The shutting down of the Internet did n’t stop the news from flowing. Twitter and Facebook users found ways to work around the blackout. Though, eventually access was completely restored. So, we can consider the Egyptian president stepping down as an amidst groundbreaking digital revolution.