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Sensor Reads Whole Room’s Electrical Field to Detect Movement or Heart Attacks Within

Technology has long been helping elderly people who fall and can’t get up to call for help.

there are alarm bracelets, emergency-button necklaces and wireless motion sensors, for a start.
Now a UK energy firm is working on a system that can passively detect when something is wrong. You won’t even have to push a button.

Stem Cells Shown to Restore Sight To Eyes Damaged by burns

A long-term study by Italian researchers shows that stem cells can help restore vision in eyes that have been blinded by burns. Moreover, the restored vision remained stable over 10 years.

Patients whose eyes have suffered heat or chemical burns typically experience severe damage to the cornea, the thin, transparent front of the eye that refracts light and contributes most of the eye’s focusing ability.

The Italian technique uses stem cells taken from the limbus, the border between the cornea and the white of the eye, to cultivate a graft of healthy cells in a lab.

EEG Scans May Be Key to Communication for Vegetative Patients

Brain-wave scanners might make it possible to communicate with people who are considered brain-dead, according to a new study reported in the Economist.

A couple of recent studies have shown that a small minority of vegetative patients might be more aware than they seem.

Now, Damian Cruse, with the Medical Research Council’s Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit in Cambridge, UK, thinks EEG machines will be able to help these patients communicate.

Researchers Successfully Rehab Used Livers into Healthy Organs, and Transplant Them

Liver disease is the 12th-leading cause of death in the U.S., chiefly because once it’s determined that a patient needs a new liver it’s very difficult to get one.

Even in cases where a suitable donor match is found, there’s no guarantee a transplant will be successful. But researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital have taken a huge step toward building functioning livers in the lab, successfully transplanting culture-grown livers into rats.

Combining Two Competing Cancer Drugs, Study Finds Rare 100% Response Rate

The American Society of Clinical Oncology wrapped its annual conference this week, going through the usual motions of presenting a lot of drugs that offer some added quality or extension of life to those suffering from a variety of as-yet incurable diseases. But buried deep in an AP story are a couple of promising headlines that seems worthy of more thorough review, including one treatment study where 100 percent of patients saw their cancer diminished by half.

Healthy food and Workout

Eating fruit daily “believes fruit is a source of” rich  vitamins and minerals and anti-oxidants which protect against the risk of cancer and heart disease and Alzheimer’s arteries and muscles and erosion. Richest fruit of these antibiotics are a family of cranberry and strawberries and cherries, lemon and peach and apricot.

Eating the fiber-rich food of a day :  beans and lentils and peas, fruits and vegetables, a source of” important “for the fibers that contribute to lowering the level of bad cholesterol in blood and prevent constipation and contribute to bridging the hunger.

Daily walk: walk for half an hour a day at a moderate pace burns sugar stored liver and excess calories.

Go to the Gym encouraging to exercise, it strengthen the muscle and participate in self-stability and flexibility and balance and it is thus contribute to reducing blood pressure and the pressure of life and improve mood and sleep. Be Helse and go to the gym to do some Hardworkout.

Study Turns Up Viral Key That Might Lead to Universal Flu Treatment

Researchers have found a novel method for stopping the spread of influenza viruses, a finding that could lead to a universal treatment for flu.

The method involves stopping the genetic process by which the virus replicates itself. Researchers can essentially flip a switch that stops RNA in its tracks.

First Preventative Cancer Vaccine Demonstrated to work in mice

In a breakthrough that could shake up the way researchers think about cancer vaccines, researchers at the Cleveland Clinic have found a protein that appears to prepare the immune system to prevent cancer.

DARPA’s Brain Implants Would Help Replace Mental Function in Wounded Warfighters

Raumatic brain injuries affect as many as 20 percent of warfighters returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. Now the Pentagon’s whiz kids at DARPA have turned to optogenetic brain implants that use light pulses to control brain cells, and hopefully reroute brain activity.

Anti-Obesity Pill Swells in Your Stomach, Making You Full Before You Even Start Eating

It’s no secret that obesity is a growing problem for Americans. Our kids are growing larger, our rates of diabetes and heart disease show no signs of retreating, and our military is worried that the next generation of warfighters will be too big and sluggish to get the job done. But Boston-based Gelesis has engineered a complex obesity solution that works by a simple mechanism: take a pill, become full, eat less.

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