Helpful Domes

Sun Tracking Skylights

People who don’t expose to the sunlight everyday, there biological watch get disordered. So busy people who spend most of their times indoors suffer from not exposing to sun. That’s why architects are trying to implement Daylighting into the huge buildings, warehouses, retail stores, and office buildings.The Sun Tracker skylights uses a set of mirrors to track the sun and redirect its light to the interior, reducing the need for artificial light and heat compared to traditional skylights. Each unit replaces 800 watts of fluorescent lighting, and can virtually eliminate the need for artificial lighting during daytime hours when hooked up to a light sensor, it saves 2/3 of the power for lighting and  1/3 of energy-intensive cooling.

Bio Domes cleaning Sewage

The Domes is  igloo-shaped six-foot-wide, five-foot-tall structures, that are very cheap comparing to the usual waste treatment facilities ways and as effective as it.

Each dome contains of four domes inside of it- allowing for a large area for the growth of bacteria, separated by plastic film and tubes to pump air to keep the bacteria alive while also circulating sewage. The domes are placed at the bottom of a sewage treatment lagoon.

There are two types of bacteria, which are able to consume both carbon-based materials as well as ammonia and nitrogen compounds, with the help of the combination of air, dark environment and a large surface area, they are able to consume wastewater pollutants.

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