Hey Jet Man, Wanna Take Me For A Shopping Ride?

Yves Rossy, Inventor and Former Swiss Air Force Fighter Pilot, he spent 5 years in developing his invention.

He mentioned that his invention is an absolute freedom.

This year, he unfolded the wings on his back and flew 186 mph which is about 300 km above the Swiss Alpes.

And with four small jet engines attached to his carbon wings, he managed to climb at 200 ft per minute before executing a series of stunts for a crowd of reporters watching  from a mountain top.

Rossy said that his 120 lb jetman suit is going to be available for the public after a few years away.

So, I guess that what we do watch in movies nowadays, can’t be called impossible or can’t really happen in the near or far future after all.

After few years from now, when this invention is going to be available for the public and God knows what else, think that one day, people are going to stop using cars!? Maybe cars manufacturers should come up with some flying cars and buses in order to compete with flying jets!

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