Home Appliances Inventions

The washing machine was first invented in the year 1858 by Hamilton Smith, the washing machine concept was rotating. In the year 1930 a new washing machine was invented that used a gasoline engine to operate. The American home appliances manufacturer Bendix Corporation was the first to invent the automatic machine was invented in the year 1937. The top loading washing machine was invented in the year 1947. The modern washing machine was invented in the year 1990.

Before refrigerators, people used to keep the food in Icehouses before the year 1748 when the English professor William Cullen made the first refrigerator in the University of Glasgow. In the year 1805, the American inventor Oliver Evans reached the vapor-compression refrigeration machine. Jacob Perkins made improvements to the idea of Evans in the year 1834. The first mechanical refrigerator was invented using the two previous ideas by John Gorrie in the year 1841. The vapor-compression refrigerator was invented in the year 1853 by the American Alexander C. Twining. James Harrison, the Australian inventor made an ice cooler using ammonia in the year 1856. In the year 1897, the German engineer Ritter von Linde made new technologies in the fields of refrigeration and gas separation and reached great results by the year 1910. Fred W. Wolf made the home refrigerators in the year 1913. The freon was used in the year 1920, and that was the start of the refrigerators that we know.

Gas oven was first invented in the year 1802 by Zachaus Winzler. The British inventor James Sharp made the first concept of the gas ovens that we know in the year 1834. The electrical oven was invented in the year 1826 by James Sharp. Percy Spencer invented the microwave in the year 1946.

The Dishwasher was first invented in the year 1850 by Joel Houghton that depended on the human to rotate. The Electrical dishwasher was invented in the year 1917.

Blender is another home appliance that would make cooking easier, the blender was first invented by Stephen Poplawski in the year 1922.

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