How Does a Magnetic Descaler Work?

If you have ever suffered from a limescale problem then you will know that if the problem is not dealt with it can cause untold damage within your home. However, using a magnetic descaler can completely solve the problem, meaning that your home will be safe.

Limescale is very common in the water supply across the UK. There are minerals and deposits such as calcium in all our drinking water, but, if the water is ‘hard’, this can lead to these deposits building up and covering pipes and appliances in a chalky film known as limescale. Limescale is bad for homes, costs money and is also bad for the environment.

Limescale is bad for homes because it can destroy appliances, stopping them from working completely. It can also cost home owners money because appliances affected by limescale will cost more to run. In addition, limescale can be bad for the environment because appliances that have been affected by limescale will use more energy.

Limescale has been a problem in the UK ever since homes first began to receive running water. In the past, most solutions have required home owners to add a chemical compound to their water. Although these compounds are reported to be harmless, it’s always best to avoid imbibing chemicals such as the ones used for limescale removal if it is possible.

That’s why one clever person came up with the idea of a magnetic descaler, which does not require the use of any type of chemicals in order for it to work.

A magnetic descaler works by magnetising the water in your system. This magnetism prevents the mineral deposits within the water from forming into clumps, meaning your home and appliances stay free from limescale. Magnetic descalers are cost effective and do not require the use of harsh chemicals. They are simply fitted within a normal water tank. They do eventually lose their magnetism but a good quality descaler should last several years.

A magnetic descaler does not remove mineral deposits from your water, but in actual fact the water we drink is actually healthier when it includes elements such as calcium and fluoride. Instead, a magnetic descaler changes the composition of the water in your home so you never have to worry about limescale forming again.

If you have a limescale problem but you’re not sure what type of solution to choose, one of the best ways to test your magnetic descaler is to clean your kettle thoroughly before fitting a descaler. You will then see that after several weeks, months and even years that limescale will not form in your kettle thanks to the magic of magnetism.

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