How To Fight Bad Breath

How to fight bad breath


Digestive problems are not the cause of bad breath. More than 8 out of 10 cases, the cause of bad breath is in the mouth. “Whether they come from a decay, gingivitis, periodontitis (loss of teeth) or the tongue coating, which are bacteria that, by degrading the proteins present in the mouth, generate malodorous volatile sulfur compounds.

Researchers at the School of Dental Medicine Buffalo (New York) have identified a bacterium present in all chronic bad breath: the solibacterium moorei. This discovery should enable the development of targeted products, especially the micro-organism is related to the most common gum disease.


Bacteria grow when saliva is missing. Upon awakening: the facial muscles were at rest and saliva is reduced then. You can drink a glass of water in that matter. During a speech stress mouth sphincters of the salivary glands. Drugs: against depression, colds, they are 200 to produce a dry mouth.


Gastro-oesophageal reflux due to malfunction of the valve located at the junction of the esophagus and stomach can cause halitosis. Limit spices, onions, citrus fruits, fatty foods, milk, soft drinks, among others, and consume licorice protects the mucous membranes.


When you drink, about 5% of the alcohol is eliminated through the lungs, its concentration in 2 liters of breath corresponds to its concentration in 2 ml of blood. So your breath is a fairly reliable breathalyzer. As for garlic breath, it is due to the aliciline which is found in the pulmonary circulation.


Bad breath can have an origin ENT. To determine if this is the case – with an infected or malodorous discharge in the throat sinusitis – The patient is asked to close the mouth and exhale through the nose. If it still feels there is a good chance that it comes sinus, “says Jean-Marc Dersot, periodontist specialist halitosis.


When cavities tonsils are very deep (they are called crypts), dead skin cells can accumulate and harden, forming a foul material called casein. The solution: remove (watch the gag reflex) and consider a laser cauterization in case of recurrence.

Solutions to have a good normal breath


A toothbrush is not used to hunt food that get stuck, but to take off the bacteria in dental plaque that accumulates on the surface of teeth. A revealing plate can help. This dye is deposited on the enamel and after rinsing, remains bound to the plate. Identified, it is sufficient to adopt the right thing to eliminate.

Tongue scraper

The back of the tongue as a doormat where nest bacteria and food debris is the tongue coating. It is responsible for one third of cases of bad breath, if you believe the statistics of a Madrid hospital specializing in halitosis. By eliminating once a day with a tongue scraper (no more, because the back of the tongue is fragile), we arrive at reducing volatile sulfur compounds by 50%.

Mouthwashes and lozenges

Their purpose is to act on volatile sulfur compounds. There are few really effective products in the field as a simple mouthwash or spray with mint often have only cosmetic effect on the odor, rather than eliminate it. Attention alcohol content in some formulas induced dry mouth, and thus a vicious circle.

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