How To Get Rid Of A Headache By Natural Ways And Exercises

How To Get Rid Of A Headache By Natural Ways And ExercisesHeadache usually comes as a result of another disease or a deficiency in some of our bodies jobs. Like sinuses or eye problems or ears problems. Unless you suffer from a certain disease which causes the headache or you checked with your doctor and did not reach a certain disease which causes headache, then you should try the natural ways. I recommend of course that first you go to a doctor and check the main reason for the headache, if everything is normal, and the headache doesn’t go way, then try the natural ways. Here is  some tricks reached by the ” American Academy of Neurology ” to treat headaches .

Drink A Lot Of Water

Drought is one of the most important causes of headaches , so you should take water from time to time. If you are suffering from a headache, then you should drink water slowly . Also avoid making any physical movement until the headache disappears.

Stay Away From The Computer

Radiation which comes from the computer leads to the pain in your head. So you should get away for a period of time from this device , and go outside your room to breathe fresh air .

Breathing Slowly

Close your eyes in order to help the muscles to relax, or stay in a dark room and then inhale and exhale very slowly in order to relieve the nerves from pain.

Drink Tea With Lemon

Drink a cup of tea with lemon slowly , it helps to get rid of a headache too.

Drink Hot Soup

Drink hot soup and then try to relax and get some sleep in a dark room.

Soaking In Warm Water

To get on your mind calm and free of headaches , you can do a soaking in a tub of warm water.

Give Massage To Yourself and do some Exercises to get rid of the Headache : Different Massage and exercises for different reasons of Headaches:





Use The Compress On Your Head

You can use a soft cloth or wet towel with cold water and put it on the back of the head and neck because it helps you relax and reduce the pain.

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