Inventions Saved Millions Of Lives

Vaccinations have the merit of saving millions of life. The idea of the vaccinations lies in the concept of raising the immunity of the person by getting a very small and harmful amount of the virus or the microbe. The first scientist to reach a vaccine was the English physician Edward Jenner (1749-1823) and the first vaccine was smallpox vaccine. The other most important vaccinations are Polio vaccine that was discovered by the American virologist Jonas Salk’s (1914-1995), Measles vaccine which was discovered by the American microbiologist Maurice Hilleman (1919-2005) and the Tetanus vaccine was discovered by the French veterinarian and microbiologist Edmond Nocard (1850-1903).

The Swedish inventor Nils Bohlin, was born in the year 1920, is a man who we can call a lifesaver as he saved millions of lives by his invention the car seatbelt.

Adding fluoride to the water and toothpaste saved thousands of people from dying due to teeth abscess, as it would cause horrible pains that will lead to the starvation of the patient. United States of America was the first country to add fluoride to water.

Pasteurization is another life saver, pasteurization is the a method to keep foods and drinks healthy by heating it then cooling it immediately. Pasteurization kills a number of the micro-organisms that causes diseases.

Pacemakers that was first invented in the year 1950 by a Canadian engineer John Alexander Hopps (1919-1998) is one of the life savers. The pacemaker nowadays has become totally different from the first one, it became much smaller and more effective in regulating the heart beats.

Lifestraw is a water filter invention for the people who have problems in getting a supply of clean drinking water. Lifestraw is a plastic tube which filter the water, it can be described as a mobile filter as it can be used to filter any water no matter how unclean it is. Lifestraw was invented by the Danish inventor Torben Vestergaard.

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