Laser Hair Removal, Facts And Mistakes

Laser has been proven success in lots of fields including the hair removal. If you are intending to try this procedure you should stop waxing, plucking and exposing to sun for six weeks. There has been a lot of rumors about the hair removal laser, such as:

The great blunder that Laser hair removal are cancerous. This is completely wrong as the laser has been used in hair removal since 1990 and has been under experiments for other 20 years before that date and not even one case of cancer has been registered.

Everybody should wear special glasses, that is true. During any use of the laser not only the hair removal laser, a special glass shall be worn, as the laser is a beam of light that can affect the eyes.

The result after the laser hair removal is not assured as it depends on the settings of the laser beams, either is it long or short wavelength, and other settings in the device of the laser. You can get the best results if you checked that the person doing the process has a lot of experience in that field.

Any hair can be removed by the laser, that is wrong. The laser can be very effective on the black or brown hair but it does not affect the white hair.

The hair grows back again after a session of the laser, that is wrong. The single hair that is exposed to the laser does not grow again, but the laser effects the hair that are in specified stage, so you need to get 4 to 6 sessions of laser to be assured that you covered all stages of hair.

The hair follicle might get red or swell, that is true but that can be cured by the physicians.

A pregnant woman should not take that procedure, that is wrong as the laser effects only he surface of the skin.

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