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The Transcend Ski Goggles

  • Transcend Goggles are a partnership between two companies: Zeal Optics and Recon Instruments.
  • Product Specification:-                                                                                                                    1- A pair of goggles that contain hardware to measure speed, altitude, time, temperature and GPS coordinates—a slew of information that’s displayed through a HUD. Charging and data transfer occurs over USB, stopwatch and anti-fog control.                                                                                                                                                   2- Buttons on the side of the goggles will allow you to scan through information on the ski lift, which will be especially useful as Transcend gains additional promised functions, including trail maps, cellphone display integration and video recording.                                                                                                                                 3- Integrated GPS system to help skiers navigate the slopes in a way that is more efficient and accurate.                                                                                                                      4- The goggles have a direct-to-eye communications display that gives skiers a clear view of where they are going.                                                                                                       5- The goggles cost $350 for regular lenses and $450 for polarized lenses. The ski goggles wont be available until at least October 2010.

XPAL Solar Egg Charges In Just Four Hours Of Indirect Sunlight

  • XPAL Company has come up with a new gadget that can be recharged in just four hours of indirect sunlight, the XPAL Solar Egg.
  • Many of the solar chargers available at the moment take a long time to charge and also need direct sunlight in order to charge them.
  • The XPAL Solar Egg can recharge in medium levels of natural light.
  • It uses something called magic Sun Boost solar conversion technology, which was developed by a company called Intivation from the Netherlands.
  • It detects what type of gadget you have connected to it, from MP3 players to digital cameras and it then delivers the correct charge to charge you gadget more efficiently.
  • Product is available in Europe. Prices are not provided


  • Piezoelectrics are nothing new. Most applications, have proven to be far more theoretically useful than practical.
  • The good news here is that the technology is starting to move in a direction that could prove more applicable to everyday situations.
  • A new piezo material recently developed which Called PZT.
  • It’s made of nano-sized fibers of lead zirconate titanate, which are applied to thin ribbons of flexible silicone rubber.
  • The material is super efficient, and has the ability to convert mechanical energy into electricity at a rate of about 80 percent.
  • Because it’s made of flexible rubber, it would be well-suited to converting electricity from the energy of body movements, meaning all sorts of wearable fun may be imminent.
  • There’s no word on any practical application of this yet, so we’ll just have to keep our eyes peeled for it.

The Sidewinder Watch Phone

  • Sometime in the not so distant future we will all be wearing watch phones that look as cool as this design concept from designer Susan Choo, the Sidewinder Watch Phone.
  • Watch phones are a pretty new technology and the ones we have seen so far from companies like LG have pretty basic functions.
  • The Sidewinder Watch Phone looks very stylish.
  • It has the same sort of functions as many of the smartphones available today.
  • This interesting design concept features a multi touch display, and has a range of functions which include maps with GOS , email, contacts and lots more.
  • Let’s hope watch phones will look like this in a few years.

Viliv S10 Blade Multi-touch PC

  • Convertible Multi-touch screen.
  • The multi-touch display lets you interact with the device by placing up to 3 fingers directly onto the surface of the screen and navigating using the easy gesture controls built in to Windows 7.
  • Handwriting recognition is also built into Windows 7, and it allows you to use a stylus, or your fingers, to sign documents, draw charts, take handwritten notes.
  • Swivel the screen to show something to a colleague, or twist-and-fold the screen down and you have an extremely portable slate-style device with excellent battery life!
  • Viliv S10 SSD versions start with a 32GB Windows 7 version and go up to a 64GB version with the 2.0Ghz CPU and built-in HSDPA.
  • Viliv S10 Blade Multi-touch PC has been released in the market already.
  • Viliv S10 Specification Prices:-
  • * Atom Z530 1.6GHz/60GB HDD/Win XP – $699
  • * Atom Z530 1.6GHz/32GB SSD/Win 7 – $797
  • * Atom Z530 1.6GHz/64GB SSD/Win 7 – $857
  • * Atom Z530 1.6GHz/32GB SSD/Win 7/HSPA modem – $889
  • * Atom Z530 1.6GHz/64GB SSD/Win 7/HSPA modem – $949
  • * Atom Z550 2.0GHz/64GB SSD/Win 7 – $987
  • * Atom Z550 2.0GHz/64GB SSD/Win 7/HSPA modem – $1,079

New Cars Technology

In-Car Breathalyzer, Funded by Govt.

  • Unknown to many, some heavy trucks come equipped with a little device which, believe it or not, “smells” the breath of the driver and, if it detects any traces of alcohol, it prevents the truck from starting.
  • A similar device is currently being researched in the US, with the potential of being applied globally to all vehicles.

Michelin Launches New Luxury Tire

  • The French tire manufacturer released a new tire called Primacy MXM4 destined for the luxury car market. The novelty of the tire comes from new tire compound which uses sunflower oil.
  • Yes, you heard right, the common sunflower oil found in any domestic kitchen is used by Michelin to create a special compound that delivers superior performance.
  • Michelin says that the sunflower oil used in the patented Michelin Helio Compound technology “allows this new luxury performance tire to maintain its edge in wet and snowy weather while still delivering safety, all-weather handling, great ride quality and comfort that luxury consumers demand.”
  • The tire manufacturer explains that its new Primacy MXM4 product can stop up to two car lengths shorter, or up to 19 feet shorter in wet conditions than a leading competitor.
  • Thanks to the sunflower oil used in the mix the Primacy MXM4 tire increases traction at low temperatures for braking and handling in wet conditions and has better overall performance in the snow.
  • The tire has eventually replaced the Michelin Pilot MXM4 and it is available to consumers in North America starting July 1, 2010. It will offer 13 replacement market sizes with rim diameters ranging from 16- to 19-inch.
  • Michelin already tested the fitments on the road with the following models:

– 2010 Mercedes-Benz E350 Sedan

– 2010 Mercedes-Benz E550 Sedan

– 2010 Mercedes-Benz E350 Coupe

– 2010 Mercedes-Benz E550 Coupe

– 2011 Infiniti M37

– 2011 Infiniti M56

– 2009 Buick Lacrosse

Exciting Future Of Automobiles & The New technology expected to hit the Market place within the next Decade

ctive safety systems will include radar and cameras that watch for danger. Within the next five years the car will use algorithms to anticipate hazards and intervene or warn the driver.
Keyless entry has already been implemented on certain Cadillac, Infinity and BMW models and will be introduced to approximately 40 different vehicles in the next three years. Credit card style systems will replace car keys.
Navigation systems such as computer-like screens on the dash, displaying navigation systems that employ global positioning satellite and onboard DVD’s to provide the driver with distractions, maps, and information on businesses such as hotels, hospitals and restaurants. The video screens will also have the capability to connect to PDA’s and cellular phones.
Wi-Fi hook-ups in almost every vehicle will provide weather, news, and other information.
Data collection will give vehicles the capability to collect pertinent data that can be shared with dealers, manufacturers, and other vehicles helping service personnel perform remote diagnostics and help troubleshoot for a broken down motorist.
Onboard cameras will help detect blind spots, while helping parents watch their kids. Many recreational vehicles already have this technology at the rear and in front to “see” around corners.
Voice commands are already in certain BMW’s, Jaguar and Lexus models and will become common and necessary in order to operate the various functions in cars.
Electronic pedals already in use in Mercedes, Chevy Corvette and all recent Audi vehicles, brake-by-wire and accelerate by wire pedals send an electronic signal rather than activating a physical connection to the engine and brakes. Emergency brake handles will also be replaced by electronic controls.
Programmable vehicles will let you use electronics to express your choice of vehicle you wish to drive. You can have it be as sporty or luxurious, as you choose.
New technology will reduce fuel consumption by a third by 2020 and a half by 2030. Gasoline-electric hybrid vehicles and modern diesel engines are significantly more fuel efficient than their gasoline counterparts, but new technology in gasoline engines is also expected to reduce fuel consumption.

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