Mr. Genealogy: Mobile Tests Allow Dads to Know

There is a lot to be said for convenience and privacy in paternity tests, but new ideas are changing the way paternity tests are administered. For instance, if you need a paternity test in UK relationships, you may simply order a kit online, provide a saliva sample and send in the results. Within several days to weeks, the results will be revealed.

In the United States, paternity is a different story and establishing paternity has become more like a rolling side show. For instance, a “Who’s Your Daddy?” truck or RV may pull up, sell a man a DNA test and reveal whether a man is the father of a baby. With recent stars, such as Justin Bieber, capitalizing off determining the paternity of a child born out of wedlock, average men want to “get in on the action” also. Many people who come to the RV really need the DNA test and the help, but some simply want the sensationalism surrounding the event. The truck delivers paternity tests for between $299 and $575.

By contrast, an at home test in the UK may cost GBP 199 and may be as much as GBP 279 through NHS. Some DNA-based paternity tests UK are as low as GBP 139. The tests are reliable and can deliver results with 99.9999 percent accuracy. With these tests, most promise results in three to five working days.

How Do Paternity Tests UK Work

In the UK, paternity tests employ the use of saliva to establish a correlation. These tests are highly accurate and are preferred by many people because they are discreet. Saliva may be collected with the use of oral swabs.

Typically, the father and the child are tested in a paternity test, but many tests are now requiring that the mother be tested also for more accurate results. The mother’s saliva can rule out genetic mutations that may lead to inconclusive results. Fifteen genetic makers are necessary to determine the paternity of the child. These markers are used to determine if there is a match. The mother’s saliva is simply a different data point to ensure accuracy.

Why Do Dads Need Paternity Tests?

In most instances, paternity tests are about financial responsibility. If a son or daughter is not the father’s, he is removed from financial obligation. While this does not seem like a friendly practice, this is practical if the mother is demanding unwarranted compensation for a child.

Purchase a Mobile Paternity Test and Be Certain

Purchase a mobile paternity test to avoid paying child support and other associated fees. The tests are often offered online and are affordable. Stop wondering and prove what you suspect o be true.

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