Mushrooms And Napkins

diaper pile
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What do you think happened to the first baby diaper that was used 40 years ago?

………. Nothing, it is still lying there beside the tons of the other diapers that was used through the 40 years. Yes, because only few countries have started recycling them but the rest are still there as some researchers found that those diapers need about 500 years to decompose, imagine how much is there if you put in mind that every baby uses about a ton of those diapers every year.

Now there is a big hope given to our earth by the scientist Alethia Vázquez-Morillas from the Autonomous Metropolitan University in Mexico City, who discovered that Oyster Mushrooms can only in for 4 months do the work of 500 years as the oyster mushrooms can accelerate the processing of decomposing.

Image by Island Vittles via Flickr

All we have to do is to cultivate the oyster mushrooms in soiled diapers after steaming the diapers to kill the bacteria, the mushrooms have special enzymes that will compose the cellulose in the diapers completely in 4 months. The mushrooms that are cultivated there won’t be lost as they are still eatable after they grow because of the steaming that was first done.

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