Negative Mood; Positive Mood And How do you change how you feel?

Mood Changing is when a person’s personality changes very quickly.

Sometimes there are good reasons for these changes, other times there may not be.
For example, you may receive good or bad news that causes you to go through a change in your mood.
You may be startled or shocked in some way.
When your mood changes for these reasons then it is a natural occurrences and it is expected.
But when a person has rapid mood swings for no apparent reason, then that becomes a problem.
So, There are different causes of mood swings, like the following:

  • Mood swings can be caused by PMS. PMS stands for Pre-Menstrual Syndrome.
  • During this time a woman’s hormones are going through a lot of changes that can make them go from happy to sad or vice versa very quickly.
  • A mood swing that will not go away on its own, is the ones that are caused from a person suffering from*bipolar*. This can be a very serious mental illness that needs to be treated. If a person that is bipolar does not get the help they need it could have some very serious consequences. It could even eventually ruin any chance they have of living a normal life.
  • Mood swings are sometimes a very natural thing that everyone experiences at different times in their life. If you only go through them once in awhile then you shouldn’t worry.
  • However, if you begin to go through extreme mood swings and have no idea why, then you should visit your doctor to see if there is a medical condition that is causing you to go through these problems.
  • Severe mood swings can damage relationships and cause friendships to be lost, don’t let this happen to you if you are having problems.

So, on some days you feel a bit negative. Or just not that motivated or energetic. You don’t care that much really.
You can turn a negative/bad/boring mood, morning, afternoon or evening into a more positive one.
Just try to do the following:-

  • Go out running or walking, go to the gym or do exercises at home; Those are the most effective ways to add energy and a more positive outlook to your regular day.
  • Listen to/watch inspirational material.
  • You know reading inspirational material can lead you to realize and discover things about your self. things that you might not have realized before.
  • Like for instance, you can discover that you are a genius inventor, or that you have a great voice or you have some kind of a talent that can make you useful to your self and to your community as well. You may discover a great poet in your self.
  • Why live like a doom and gloom while you can use all the wasted energy in something useful and good.
  • Instead of reading the Newspapers and getting hammered with negative bloody news and weird strange views on the crazy world we are living into, try watching or listening to one of your favorite personal development products.
  • Talk to your girlfriend or to your wife (unless your wife is the real reason for your mood changing of course) or to whoever close to your heart. You can then cry with them, laugh with them or even scream with them to let go/out whatever that is causing the bad mood you have.
  • If you change how you move and use your body, your mood will change. If you for instance want to feel happier, force a smile for about a few seconds. You’ll feel happier.
  • If you want to feel confident, stand up and walk around for a few minutes in a confident way (slowly, head held high, posture relaxed but not slumped). You’ll feel more confident.
  • You can do these things for the specific effects.
  • But a better way to change your mood is to just combine everything at once. Smile while you’re walking around in a confident and relaxed way. Get it all in there to maximize the effect.
  • Don’t go around complaining and be negative about everything. Going around appreciating good things in your life is a good and a positive thing to do.
  • Like you can appreciate your food, the weather, your health, your friends and family.
  • The funny thing is that if you just start appreciating something you can very quickly start jumping around with your attention and appreciate just about anything around you. You may start with the food you are eating right now. Then move your attention to the phone and appreciate that you can contact anyone – and be contacted by anyone – you’d like. You might then move your attention outside, through the window and see the wonderful sunshine, then kids having fun out there and then a really attractive person walking by. And so on.
  • Try doing that for a few minutes. Try to come up with all the things in yourself and your world that you can appreciate.
  • Move your attention around from appreciation-point to appreciation-point, you gonna feel your mood in a lot more positive and enthusiastic status.
  • What I personally do when i have my mood changing to a bad/negative one, I listen to songs that i love so much and I close my eyes and I imagine my self a Queen; a president; a warrior princess or I imagine my self anything or anyone that i want to be and live with that for sometime till my mood change. And I tell you the imagination is a great gift, use it for sometime, it won’t bite you…
  • It often doesn’t take that much to change how you feel. And acting as you’d like to feel make everyday situations a lot more interesting and can open up new possibilities and opportunities in your life.
  • If you have a hard time doing something, a hard time getting started, a hard time changing your mood with the suggestions above just do what you need to do anyway.
  • You are not your thoughts and emotions. They aren’t your boss or parents. You don’t have to obey them. You are the observer of your thoughts and emotions. Sometimes you listen to them. And sometimes you just see them as blabbering going on and on in your mind and body. And then you just go. You do what you want to do anyway.


Bipolar disorder is a manic-depressive illness, is a brain disorder that causes unusual shifts in mood, energy, activity levels, and the ability to carry out day-to-day tasks. Symptoms of bipolar disorder are severe. They are different from the normal ups and downs that everyone goes through from time to time. Bipolar disorder symptoms can result in damaged relationships, poor job or school performance, and even suicide. But bipolar disorder can be treated, and people with this illness can lead full and productive lives.

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