New Charger For All Mobile Devices In A Bag Called Phorce


Phorce is a new bag that can be used as a charger for your Smartphones and MacBooks. Phorce is the new bag that can be transferred from a backpack to a briefcase and you can stop worrying about losing it.


Never again run out of power while on the go, lose your bag, or carry multiple bags to store all of your gadgets. Phorce is the world’s first smart bag that powers all your devices (including MacBooks), connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, transforms from a backpack to a messenger or a briefcase, and prevents you from losing it. This triple-threat smart bag will be launched through a Kickstarter campaign this week.


The bag, was constructed using the latest in technology and design, was the brainchild of entrepreneur Marijn Berk, a Kauffman Foundation scholar whose previous venture created an affordable solar-charging solution for the developing world, and James Jeffrey, a designer with more than 10 years of experience in the bag industry. They aim to raise $150,000 through their Kickstarter project so that Phorce can be released internationally.


Phorce is designed for those who’ve experienced great difficulty carrying tech equipment and staying connected while traveling extensively in the air and on the ground.


Additionally, the bag comes with an Android and iOS application that allows you to talk to your bag by connecting your phone to your Phorce bag via Bluetooth. This app lets you gauge the power that’s left in your device through an intuitive graphics display on your screen that also shows you the exact number of remaining charges for all your devices. Additionally, this feature sends a notification to your phone if you leave your bag behind, so you can quickly run back to grab it.


Whether you’re at a meeting and need a briefcase, carry heavy items and need a backpack, or need your hands free to bike to work, Phorce can transform from a messenger bag, to a backpack, to a briefcase in a matter of seconds, with no additional equipment needed. At the airport, the Phorce bag has a special opening that allows it to slide over the telescopic handles of your trolley bag, making it easy to get to the gate on time. The bag is compact and light-weight but can transform into a bigger bag, thanks to its expansion zipper that gives you 240 cubic inches of extra space.


The bag includes protective padding, a custom-made water-resistant fabric, and waterproof zippers to protect your gear from shocks, drop and rain. A special fabric inside the pockets helps clean your devices for fingerprint-free displays.

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