New Gadgets To Keep People Healthy

Expiring Medication Packaging to announce not to take the medicine

Instead of the usual Medication Packaging that we are used to and can see in the image, a lot of people have problems with seeing the expiry dates printed on the back of the Medication Packaging. The new invention is to have marks on the back of Medication Packaging that is obviously spotted. The gadget will prevent people to take the medications that are expired as they will not benefit from the medications.
The new packaging would use a multi-layered material featuring the standard label layer on top, and a sub-layer with the expiration warning message. In between these layers would be a diffusible material that lets the ink from the bottom layer seep through over time, eventually revealing when the meds were expired.
The approach not only helps prevent consumers from taking expired medication, in theory it would also make it very difficult for shady retailers to sell medicine that’s past its prime.

Terumo’s Upwalk Toe Lifting Socks

The new socks prevent the elder people from falling, as the old people can have several diseases that can cause a lot of falling. The Huge German medical Terumo has announced about the new sock.
The Upwalk brand of socks features different stitching on top and the bottom so that there’s more give on the bottom and more pull on top, resulting in lifted toes. According to the video below, though Japanese folks like to walk around in their socks at home, the Upwalk socks do their magic even while wearing shoes.

Smart spoon for Parkinson’s tremors

People who suffers the Parkinson’s disease have alot of problems when eating, there has been many gadgets invented in the last years, but the new gadget might be the best.
The Liftware spoon constantly steadies itself thanks to an embedded computer that takes the motion signals detected by the sensors, identifies the user’s tremor, and then moves the spoon in the opposite direction of that tremor. The company reports that lab tests showed a more than 70 percent reduction in tremors.

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