New Inventions In 2011 For Diabetes and Predicting About It

New hopes are coming on the way for the Non Diabetes that are afraid to be diabetics.

As there is a new technique had been reached that may be able to prevent or delay of the diabetes type 1. Studies involving the drug teplizumab have shown that it works by shutting off the part of the immune system responsible for attacking the cells that produce insulin. Researchers with the National Institutes of Health’s Type 1 Diabetes Trial Net are now theorizing that giving the drug to people at risk for Type 1 diabetes before they develop symptoms could keep the immune cells from initiating an attack at all.

Teplizumabis what’s known as an anti-CD3 monoclonal antibody, a targeted immunosuppressive drug that I wrote about for Popular Science last February. I know about teplizumab because I took it myself – after being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in 2001 at the age of 22, I enrolled in a study that tested whether teplizumab might preserve some insulin production in people recently diagnosed with the disease. In my case, it worked: nine years out, I was still producing a measurable amount of insulin, which in the normal course of Type 1, doesn’t happen. (I’m going in for a 10-year follow-up at the end of March.)

While other scientists have reached another solution, a team of researchers in Boston says a simple blood test could help predict the onset of Type II diabetes up to 10 years ahead of any symptoms. The team, which followed more than 2,400 patients for 12 years, reported that 201 of the subjects eventually developed diabetes, according to a report on their research in Nature Medicine. They found that five amino acids had “highly significant associations with future diabetes.

While the Researchers from the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) have suggested that measuring the levels of small molecules in the blood could predict diabetes risk as much as a decade before first symptoms appear.
They said that the finding the levels of five amino acids not only indicated increased diabetes risk in a general population but also could differentiate, among individuals with traditional risk factors such as obesity, those most likely to actually develop diabetes.

The previous news are for the non diabetic but if you are diabetic surly you will be happy for the new discovery that will stop your suffer with the prickling  just to know how much insulin you need to have.

The new device is a glucose sensor that uses tear fluid instead of blood. The device, engineers at Arizona State University and the Mayo Clinic, developed the device that will be  able to take a sample of tear fluid by a painless dab at the corner of the eye. The device’s sensor can measure the amount of glucose in the tear sample, with is very similar to the amount of glucose in blood.

While the device has numerous challenges ahead, such as obtaining reproducible results, proof-of-concept has been demonstrated and the project has received backing from Mayo Clinic and BioAccel, an Arizona biomedical commercialization non-profit. The Image: Screen-printed electrical leads (A), an insulating layer (B), a silicone fluidics piece (C), a sensing well covering the three electrode system (D), and an absorbent sampling material (E).

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