New Inventions using Nanotechnology

Invisible Glass Coating

It is a liquid coating that you can spray on any object to form a thin (about 100 nanometers) glass invisible coating that can keep away the dust, dirt, UR radiation, water, heat, stains, acid, fungus, bacteria, and viruses and it can also strengthen, sterilize and protect the surface covered with it. The spray is flexible, and breathable. It can be applied in seconds. It is worth mentioning that the invention doesn’t pollute the environment.

The liquid was invented at the Saarbrücken Institute for New Materials in Turkey and patented by Nanopool GmbH of Germany.

Nanowire Stretchable Coils

Researchers  led by Dr Yong Zhu,  in  North Carolina State University have created silicon nanowire coils that can be stretched to more than double their original length.
How did they do it?

By putting a rubber substrate under strain, then used ultraviolet radiation and ozone to change its mechanical properties. When silicon nanowires were place on top of the substrate, they formed coils after the strain was released. The coiled nanowires are more efficient than the earlier experiments with folding electronic materials, which developed problems with the peaks and valleys of the waves.

Nanobot glass

A nanobot particle made from glass is being developed that can absorb pollutants from contaminated water.

The glass particles attracts and bind contaminants to themselves and expand eight times in size during the process. But they don’t absorb water.

Imagine what can this invention do if it worked properly as the scientists suggest. It can be used to clean those awful petroleum spills and chemicals that pollute our water. These invention are reusable, that mean that after we throw it in water, leave it till it is full then we can collect it, clean it and throw it again to absorb more pollutants.

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